This morning I woke up on time, meaning I actually showered, YAY! I mixed it up for breakfast with a bowl of microwave low-sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal with 1/2 banana. I love how the ripe bananas get so sweet and fluffy!


After breakfast I did some work and discovered Google Reader. Yup, just jumping on that bandwagon!!  For lunch, I made a Perfect 10 bagel with 1 tbsp. Better ‘N Peanut Butter and 1 tbsp. Chocolate Dreams, with some frozen veggies on the side. I like the Better ‘N PB but when you are eating it at the same time as Chocolate Dreams, you just can’t compare!!!


I saved this yummy bite for last 🙂


After lunch I left the office for some errands and fresh air. The rest of the afternoon was taken up by a meeting with my favorite client! After they left, I ate the rest of my lunch, a salad topped with a lil Catalina Free.


I also taste tested a few Honey Wheat pretzels. My coworkers are HOOKED on these things!!


When I got home, my roommate surprised me with a big bag of leftover bread from her restaurant. YAY!! I immediately toasted a slice of 9 Grain Health and topped it with cherry jelly. AH-mazing!!


Then we walked to Target, which was a nice way to get my legs moving.  We got home around 9 and then I centered dinner around more bread, of course! I cooked up 1/2 portobello and some eggplant, pepper & carrot slices which I used to top one slice of bread and half a pretzel roll. The pretzel roll was topped with caraway seeds, which I haven’t tasted in so long. I forgot how much I love this flavor! Think I got enough carbs in this meal?!


For dessert, I am having my Skinny Cow with a side of Housewives. Dang Jersey girls!!! Danielle is not helping my state look good :/ Sketchball!!


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Added lots of veggies to my lunch
  2. Saved part of lunch for an afternoon snack
  3. Didn’t eat candy at our meeting (Swedish Fish & Sour Patch Kids everywhere!)

Almost hump day! I have a lot to get done tomorrow. Is anyone else having a busy week?? Hope it’s a good one 🙂