This morning I woke up wanting to stay in bed ALL DAY LONG but since jobs frown on that kind of stuff, I made myself get in the shower and packed some 9 Grain Health for a pick-me-up. Really, I am OUT of most of my fruits, and a yogurt mess is just plain boring without 8 billion ingredients, so it was 2 slices of toast topped with 1 tbsp. Chocolate Dreams and 1 tbsp. cherry jelly for me!


Work went pretty quickly in the AM; lots to get done! For lunch, I did a last-second fridge grab and basically pulled out a few easy-to-assemble ingredients. My fridge is looking pretty bare, so I ended up with another Perfect 10 bagel topped with hummus and lemon peppered veggies on the side. At this point, I was sort of OVER the whole bread thing (can’t believe I am saying that!!) but when I debated going out and spending money on another meal and saving this one, I decided to just eat what I had, especially since the bagels are so filling.


Then I hit up cute boutiques for more sisterly birthday shopping. I didn’t find anything worth buying because I am the pickiest person ever and want to make sure her present makes her jump up and down screaming in happiness. I don’t think my expectations are too high, do you?! When I got back to the office, I dug into the second part of my lunch, a lemon Dannon Light & Fit yogurt topped with my remaining Farmers’ Market strawberries. Tomorrow is the FM again; perfect timing!! I’ve basically finished off most my fruits and roasted most my veggies.


I was still hungry in the afternoon so I had a Fiber One bar. I forget how low in calories those bagels are!! My whole bagel hummus combo was about 170 calories, so even with the veggies and yogurt…definitely not enough for me 🙂


This bar filled me up as usual! After work, I drove home through a sunshower; it hasn’t rained here in forever and the rain + sun combo was awesome and left a huge smile on my face!  Tonight I went to dinner with Katie Jo, Courtsie & Marissa for Courtney’s birthday. We hit up the Belmont, one of our favorite summer happy hour spots, for some drinks and good food. The four of us shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Here’s my glass!


KJ & the Birthday Girl!

KJ & the Birthday Girl!

For dinner, I wanted to eat something super filling. Otherwise, I just go home and snack! I ended up getting a burger that I ate without the bun & cheese. It was delicious!! The four of us split the sweet potato fries on the side, but I hogged the pickles to myself 🙂


Happy Birthday Courtney!!! We love YOU!!!



Right now I am watching TV and contemplating sleep. I can’t believe it’s already almost Thursday! I have a very exciting weekend coming up…:)

Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Skipped Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake taste-testing at the office (I’ll just have a slice of the final pick tomorrow!!)
  2. Ate my burger without cheese & without the bun and split my sweet potato fries with the table
  3. No snacking at home after dinner