My breakfast was so good on Wednesday, I just had to repeat it! One of the bread heels was skinny like paper, which made me feel like I was just eating a nice layer of Dark Chocolate Dreams. Can’t complain! I also had half a cinnapple on the side.

bread gone skinny minny

bread gone skinny minny

We celebrated one of my co-worker’s birthdays yesterday, so cupcakes were passed around at 10 AM. I hid mine away so I wouldn’t be tempted; I was much more interested in the ice cream cake we got for after lunch!! Noontime meal was my favorite Lean Cuisine bowl with extra broccoli and the other half of my cinnapple. MMM!


After lunch I finally found the perfect purse for my sister (I say perfect because I sent her a picture text of it and she approved LOL) and hit up the Farmers’ Market for some eggplant, zukes & corn on the cob. I got back to a huge spread of more cupcakes and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake. No picture because we had a mini party and ate in my boss’s office BUT the cake had a brownie bottom and was two layers of ice cream: cookies & cream and peanut butter cookie dough. I had a normal sized slice and enjoyed every single bite. It was OH so good!!!

After cake, we were all smiles — lucky me had my employee review scheduled right after! My bosses were in fabulous moods and the review went great. I even got a little raise WHOOP!!!!! It’s nice to feel like I am progressing and movin’ on up!

My cake eats would have been enough to motivate me to get to the gym but my roomie was having a crapola day so we blew off all our other plans and headed down to the beach for a long walk.  The paths down there are PERFECT for relaxation.  I mean, how can you not be happy when you are looking at THIS?!



We started in Santa Monica and walked 3 miles to J’s usual food spot in Venice, The Terrace Cafe.  This place is so beachy and ridiculously cute. The owner is this Russian dude who wanted to be best friends. He sat us at a corner table and proceeded to send over the hottest waiter in the place. Thank you! I got a Penfolds Chardonnay to sip.


After scanning the massive menu for probably 30 minutes (meat? fish? asian? pasta? salads? HELP!!!), we ended up ordering food NOT on the menu…turkey burgers! I got mine with red peppers and avocado with fries on the side. I took off the bun again and didn’t eat the bread on the bottom either — I didn’t even miss it! More room for fries is what I say 🙂


After we licked our plates clean, the owner came back over to chat.  He told us that Russians know the way to drink and brought us shots of Russian vodka with PICKLE chasers. I was thinking no way, but he shoved it in my hand and told me to hurry up!!! Umm, ok, sorry sir! FYI, the pickles do NOT do much of anything, even though he tried to convince us that they make the shot taste like a nice warm burn of water. HAHA, right!! We were pretty entertained and our new best friend made sure to call us over for hugs & cheek kisses when we left.

Of course the vodka was 8 million proof and we were a wee bit tipsy for the 3 mile walk back to our car. We tried to jog for like one minute and then realized we just ate a huge meal and drank V so we stopped.  Hello cramping stomach!  We stuck to Main Street instead of cavorting with the bums on the beach in the dark and stopped for drinks at Coffee Bean.  I got a Toffee Rooibos tea latte with non-sugar vanilla powder and skim milk.  It was so insanely good!!!


Jules doubles it up

Jules doubles it up

We got home still feeling a little snacky from the walk back so I ate a skinny cow…


…while packing!  Oh yeah, for my exciting weekend plans — VEGAS!!! The other week, I got a call from my sweet Georgia peach Ali telling me she was going to be in Vegas. Since it’s just a hop away from LA (read, car ride), I am planning to drive down today when I get out of work and just spend the weekend drinking fruity thangs poolside and playing at night. I am so excited to see Alicat!!!! She was my very FIRST LA friend and basically the reason I know all my girlfaces out here now. She literally made the first year I lived out here 8 gajillion times better.  She is awesome and fabulous and gorgeous and I love her!!


So I will be MIA this weekend since I am not taking a computer, but I will take lots of pictures!  It is rainy and gross here in LA so I am extra excited to get some poolside sunnin 🙂

I’ll try to post again before I peace out but if not, have a great weekend y’all!!!!  I will soak up some rays for you!
Three Things for Thursday
  1. Skipped the 10 AM cupcake and brought it home for the roomie
  2. Added extra veggies to my Lean Cuisine bowl
  3. Ate my turkey burger again sans bread and cheese