Hey everyone out there!!! Man, missing a few days on the blog really throws you for a loop…I’m going to have to keep doubling up until I catch up LOL. So Saturday night, we headed up from the hotel pool and proceeded to get ready for the evening, Vegas-style. By that, I mean with a fashion runway show of all our dresses, complete with dancing like crazy loons and voting on hottest (skimpiest??) outfits. Poker face anyone?!

After we were all gorge-ified, we met up with some more of Ali’s crew for a fancy dinner at Japonais. We started with hot sake, then continued with hot sake. I think we ended up with over 20 of those flower vases on the table between the 7 of us by the end of the meal. I love the baby cups!


To start, we ordered edamame and several “rocks.” The Rock is thinly sliced marinated NY strip steak that you cook yourself on insanely hot rocks. The meat is so thin that it just takes about ten seconds for each side and it’s done! I’ve never tried this before and it was so delicious and fun to eat.


Carrie and I splitย this yummy spicy tuna roll.


For my main dish, I ordered “Le Quack Japonais,” which was half maple leaf smoked duck with hoisin sauce, mango chutney and mushu wraps. I rarely order duck but I tried it for the first time when I lived in France and it was one of my very favorite things to eat there. Though I still can’t find a place out here that can even come close to matching how amazing it tasted in Paris!!! I ate about 1/3 of the meat with 1/2 of the wraps before I was totally stuffed. The mango chutney really made the whole dish!!



We skipped dessert in favor of more sake ๐Ÿ™‚

After dinner we headed over to Prive, the nightclub in Planet Hollywood. We somehow ended up in a limo instead of a taxi??

I also may have partaken in some innocent ass-grabbing…


Luckily we were with a group of guys who got set up with a table. Who wants to wait on line or pay for drinks?! No thanks spanks!


I actually didn’t drink anything except a few sips of bubbly at the club because I was too busy DANCING (and clearly had enough sake to sink a ship!). Our poker faces were very much appreciated.






Ali and I were the last two left standing at 3:30 AM when we (ah, ok, it was just me) had the brilliant idea to walk back to our hotel. Everything just looks so close together!ย  After a 5 foot wall scaling and some v. dirty feet that got a little bath back at the hotel, we made it into bed, ears ringing.


I woke up the next morning to a killer headache and Katie Jo wondering why the shower floor was black. Oopsie! We thought about going downstairs for Starbucks and then realized we could get room service instead. I went for the good ole stick-to-your-bones bowl of oatmeal topped with skim milk, raisins, banana, and a few pinches of brown sugar. It was just what the doctor ordered! Well, that plus a huge Excedrin Migraine ๐Ÿ™‚


After some very teary goodbyes to my dear sweet Ali baby, Katie Jo and I headed back to LA. We stopped once for some light Starbucks fraps, but other than that made amazing time and got back to LA in only 4 hours.ย  I was so glad to have her for the ride home! We just talked and talked and sang loudly and obnoxiously to her driving mix.

I got home and made a bowl of soup, then roasted some veggies with a TJ eggroll on the side. I needed some greens! I had a little popcorn while watching TV and recouping. Short trips to Vegas are the way to go, but I wouldn’t have minded some more time in that sun! I love how Vegas is just a quick and easy drive.ย  Two days really is the perfect amount. Hotel rooms there are also CRAZY cheap right now. We’ve perfected this trip into a v. inexpensive weekend jaunt, which I totally love!!

Monday morning I woke up tired and ready to get back to the usual. I had a Perfect 10 bagel with Better ‘N Peanut Butter and a little patch of the rest of my Dark Chocolate Dreams.


Lunch was an easy-to-pack Lean Cuisine.


And for dessert, the office received a big box of cookies & a glass bottle of milk. Usually I can resist workplace goodies, but these guys were from DeLuscious, my favorite local bakery! I had part of a chocolate chip and part of a Chocolate Decadence, which the company bills as a dark chocolate cookie rolled in powdered sugar and baked to a brownie/truffle-like texture. Yeah, it’s pretty delicious! I mean, deLUSCIOUS!


Near the end of the day, I grabbed half of a Fiber One PB bar for workout fuel and hit the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. My body needed the workout!


For dinner I roasted some of my FM veggies with a chile lime chicken burger and cheetahs.


Paired with a piece of corn on the cob ๐Ÿ™‚


While waiting on my computer last night, I had a little bowl of yogurt with frozen bloobs and a sprinkle of Heart to Heart for dessert. I missed my yoyo!!!


Whew! I am slowly catching up with y’all! Today was a busy day at work but I got a TON done which is awesome. It’s getting pretty late now, so I’ll have to catch you up on all the good eatin tomorrow. Happy…hump day?! Already?! Crazy people!!!