Waking up without any yogurt in the fridge, I made a quick stop at Whole Foods on the way to the office and treated myself to a vanilla Oikos!


We had a few meetings at the office today, which meant lots of muffins, brownies…and Sprinkles cupcakes from yesterday! I stuck to the fruit though; it was so fresh and delicious! The pineapple was bomb.


For lunch I had a Lean Cuisine pizza and some mixed veggies on the side. Nothing that exciting but I was too tired last night to make something!



Later in the afternoon, I snacked on more fruit and a piece of PB roll-up, which is basically a tortilla spread with PB and craisins/raisins and rolled up and diced into spirals. This was a perfect fuel for my workout.Β  These roll-ups are a favorite in our office πŸ™‚



After dinner, I headed over the hill to pick up a Father’s Day present for my dad. For some reason, the Best Buy near my house AND the Best Buy near my office didn’t have it in stock. On the way out, I hit the gym in the Valley. The parking lot was a total zoo! I drove around for 15 minutes before deciding to call it quits and as I was leaving, a spot opened up. YAY! I did 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. After the gym, I made a quick stop at Aroma to get dinner to-go. I switched up my usual wild rice tofu salad for the tofu rice bowl. Big changes, I know πŸ™‚

I love this restaurant! I don’t get to go very often because it’s totally out of the way, but the place is so cute.Β  My dinner contained wild rice, marinated tofu, broccoli, scallions, serrano chilis, and roasted bell peppers. Look at this beaut!! IT WAS HUGE!


As soon as I got back to the car, I dug in! I ate about 1/6, then another 1/6 after I went to Best Buy (side note, is it weird that I ate twice in parking lots? Hmm…). The last 1/6 I ate after I went grocery shopping and got home. Now I still have half for another meal. What a deal!


My lunch is planned, the groceries are unpacked, True Blood is all cued up and I have a Skinny Cow in hand. I picked up more mint ones tonight, along with Cookies N’ Cream!!!


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Passed on Sprinkles cupcakes again
  2. Snacked on fruit and skipped the muffins
  3. Saved half my big dinner for another meal