One thing about good weather means I go totally MIA.  Don’t worry if I disappear into the sunshine! Saturday morning I woke up super early to take my car in for routine maintenance.  I made some coffee and grabbed a PB Fiber One bar for the road.


After hanging around the car dealership for a few hours, I left with my clean & healthy baby and headed straight to the beach. Driving down to the water made me SO HAPPY! I love the gorgeous sun. I grabbed breakfast part 2 from Noah’s Bagels. For some reason, food tastes so much better on the beach 🙂

I pulled up and scored a free parking space without any searching — sweet! I was greeted by this sight for sore eyes.


I trekked down to the water and found a great spot. The beach was pretty empty, which I love 🙂


I got a nice cold diet Pepsi to sip in the sun.


Along with a great bagel sandwich with light cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, lox and capers on a whole grain seedy bagel.


I ate both halves (duh), followed later in the day by a pickle and a few pieces of fruit.



After finishing The Alchemist and reading some health magazines, I realized that despite all my sunscreen, I was getting major sun. And burn! My splotchy red self and I headed back Weho. Look what I found on the way home…I used to LOVE this movie growing up!


Since I missed out on free Pinkberry Friday, I decided to grab some for a late lunch (??). My meals were so off schedule! I ended up with a medium coconut (YUM!) topped with mango, bing cherries, and chocolate chips. Of course, they only put about 5 pieces of fruit in the cup, so I brought it home and added some of my own 🙂


Plus frozen banana slices, kiwi, strawberries, and mini blueberries. Can you say amazing?!


I swear there was yogurt under there 🙂


I also threw some veggies on a plate topped with salsa. I had a late dinner planned with the girls and didn’t want to be starving by the time we got to the restaurant.


These snacks held me over until dinner at 9. The three Kates and Marissa hit up Julia’s restaurant where she was managing for the night. We started with champagne mixed with fresh pureed watermelon. So light and refreshing!


Julia sent over the infamous Newsroom grilled artichoke while we were deliberating over the menu. Actually, I was really the only one who didn’t know what to get; I’m so indecisive!!


Finally I ordered one of Julia’s favorites, jerk chicken on flatbread with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado. I skipped the sauce on the side but ate all the salad and 3/4 of the sandwich. The chicken was delicious!


We drank cantaloupe martinis with dinner. All the Newsroom drinks have freshly juiced fruit which makes such a huge difference in taste!


The four of us chilled with our drinks and food while Julia closed down the restaurant. We made sure she got a few sips though 🙂


The bartender was trying his hand at inventing some shots, so he brought over two rounds to taste test with us!  Then Julia came across an open bottle of wine that she sent over to the table. Waste not! I only drank a sip or two though. We all swore up and down that we weren’t even a lil bit tipsy at this point, but for some reason I’m thinking we were wrong about that…


As if Julia/the bartender/the chefs hadn’t spoiled us enough, they sent over a flourless chocolate cake. No words!!!


Don’t ya know?? Girls love chocolate.


But we love Julia more!!!


Once the restaurant was closed down & locked up, the five of us hit the road. One of my coworkers was throwing a “Halfway to New Year’s” party at a Mexican-themed restaurant (creatively named “Mexico”). I skipped drinking at this bar in favor of dancing! The DJ played tons of MJ and other old school tunes, so we totally rocked out. We even got a cute (and sweaty) group shot.


Classic moves to follow…


…plus some stolen sombrero action!



Sadly, there are no existing photos of sketchy braces boy who was madly in love with Julia. You all can imagine!

My computer is being a huge creeper right now and going so slowly, so you guys will have to wait to see the rest of my exciting weekend and somewhat less exciting Monday. Hope y’all had a great kickoff!