I just love vacations! Friday morning I woke up early and went for another run like the one I did Thursday afternoon.  I came home feeling sweaty, refreshed and HUNGRY! I made up a quick batch of my multi-grain pancakes topped with a tbsp of maple syrup.


Some yogurt with banana made a great cooling side!


I ended up heading down to the beach with Steph and Josh to catch some rays and show of my magical tan. Sadly, the sun was totally hidden so we decided to grab drinks & food instead. Parking and Pacific Ave traffic was awful, and I felt myself getting CRABBY! Luckily I had a blueberry Z-bar in my bag to tide me over. We ended up at Cabo for chips, salsa, and margaritas. Stephanie and I shared one. For good reason!


How cute are these two??


I was set on seafood and ordered mahi mahi with onions, peppers and guacamole with fries on the side. I ate all the fish and a little less than half the fries. This was technically a sandwich but I say technically because I skipped the buns 🙂


After eating, the sun came out a bit and we walked down the block to Venice Beach for a lil nap. We only lasted an hour though with all the wind!!  Back at home, I got ready for a night out at Barney’s.

I stopped by Newsroom first to “help” Julia close down the restaurant.  She had the kitchen set aside a great snacking spread of hummus, veggies, flatbread, grilled chicken, artichokes & wine. I chilled at the bar munching with some of the staff as the last people trickled out.  Finally everyone left and just Jules and I were left waiting on one delivery guy.  So we locked the doors, turned down the lights, cranked up the music and had a dance party!!! If you’ve never sang at the top of your lungs while bopping between tables, I highly recommend it 🙂

Then Julia and I walked to meet the rest of the crew for some more wine and lots of chitchatting.  We made our way home right as the bar was closing and I ended the night with a yummy square of dark mint/rosemary chocolate that we snagged from Newsroom! Sweet dreams followed, of course!

The rest of the weekend was great — can’t believe it’s already over. I have to get to bed now but have some amazing brunch photos for you guys to drool over next time I post…bated breath, I know 🙂