Since I’ve been getting so hungry by lunchtime, I tried holding off eating breakfast but that didn’t work. I dug into my yogurt mess by 8:30, oh well!


Lunch today was part of my “economy” efforts of the week — leftovers! Everything tasted just as good, especially once it was all mixed up. Best of all, it took such a long time to eat!



After lunch I took a little walk outside with one of my co-workers in the gorgeous sun. It was hard going back to work after that! Luckily I had a PB Fiber One bar in my purse…it was totally smushed but came in very handy around 4 PM when I got slammed with some more projects and realized I wouldn’t be leaving the office anytime soon!


I begged off around 7 and still made it over to the gym. I was itching to go home but the thought of portobellos and sweet potato fries (the store is next to the gym!) was enough to motivate me. I did a quick but sweaty 30 minutes on the elliptical. I NEED to get some new music!!

Dinner was an awesome plate chock full o’veggies and included a portobello mushroom, cheetahs, red onions, a dill pickle (times 2!), and fresh broccoli/cauliflower. Everything was delicious!


Tomorrow I have a last minute work breakfast at Shutters on the Beach, which is possibly the cutest hotel of all time and located in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be eating until 10 AM, so I am going to have to eat a small breakfast in addition to ordering at the restaurant. Here’s the menu; any ideas on what I should eat first/order later??