I have another dose of HOME for you guys! Friday night after my mom’s grilled masterpieces, us four girls headed down to Point Pleasant. If you aren’t from Jersey, you might not know that PP = THE BOARDWALK! I learned in college that some people have never even heard about a boardwalk before, so if that applies to you, the boardwalk is an elevated promenade that runs above the beach. The best boardwalks include food, rides, carnival games, mini golf, etc. Point Pleasant has all of these plus a cute little aquarium. We used to go here all the time during the summer at night as kids, and then on dates in high school. Not only does the boardwalk bring back a million memories, it’s also a great place to share some fun EATS!

I made my three loves stop for a photo right after getting there.


Mom, Rachel, Hannah

I jumped in the middle!

I jumped in the middle!

Then I grabbed SUCH a cute shot with da moms.


Photos were followed with food! I wanted something fried. You may have heard of funnel cake and zeppoles before, but what about fried Snickers, butterfly fries, or fried Oreos?! I charmed the kid behind the register into just handing over one powder sugared fried Oreo. Can anyone seriously eat all four that come with a regular order?? Actually, I’m guessing the answer is yes…


The first bite was divine!


Mom captured the warm and gooey inside for y’all πŸ™‚


My second treat of the night was some frozen custard from Kohr’s.Β  First offered at Coney Island in 1919, Kohr’s is a shore staple!Β  I was always fascinated by the Orange Cream flavor as a kid, so of course I had to get that again.


Swirls in action!

Swirls in action!

Sweets in hand, we made our way all the way down the boardwalk until hitting the inlet where we settled down on benches to watch the water. And, oddly enough, a full fireworks display that happened to be going on a few miles away! The four of us just talked and laughed and took more pictures. We almost fell off the pier we were giggling so hard!



I honestly can’t remember the last time the four of us had such a good time. It was so nice being with my girls again! It almost felt a little like I had never left. On the walk back up the boardwalk, I stopped into a sweet shop to grab some salt water taffy for Jules. A little chocolate fudge sample sitting on the counter made the perfect ending to round out all my boardwalk treats!

Okay, so I’ve gotten you guys through Friday…hope you are enjoying your “visit” to the Jersey shore!Β  Part 3 of 3 coming soon πŸ™‚