I am lucky enough to work at an office building that is basically inside a gorgeous outdoor mall in LA. One of the best things about shopping in Los Angeles actually is that a lot of the pretty shopping centers are designed to be entirely open air. In fact, the one near my office only has one “indoors” section where the stores aren’t free-standing — and that’s the food court!

While there are many great food options (Coral Tree, Breadbar) there are just as many “evil” temptations (Wetzel’s Pretzels anyone?!). I usually save the restaurants for days when I am meeting friends for lunch in an effort not to waste my dollars! On days when I don’t bring lunch and don’t feel like driving to the grocery store, I end up at Gelson’s, a fancy-pants supermarket that carries SOME unique items but mostly just a melange of overpriced food. I hate spending the extra cash but at least I am saving on gas, right?!


Today I came to work with red peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower…and that’s it. How I had time to chop fresh veggies last night but not make anything else is beyond me! Luckily, I FOUND SANDWICH THINS at Gelson’s and my meal was set. I’m so happy the West Coast finally has these guys cause they were great! After picking them up, I needed to find some protein to finish off the meal and the most processed lunch ever was born…

Sandwich Thins, Boca Burger, Kraft Fat-free Cheddar Cheese slice


Which turned into this:



Thank goodness I had lots of fresh raw veggies to munch and crunch as well 🙂

Late afternoon was spent reading some magazines for work while enjoying a delicious 0% Fage. I don’t know what happened to me, but I am in love! I was going to kiss the container, but thought that might be a wee bit awkward.


Side note, Fage also looks really good when mixed in my morning mess…


Oops, sorry, got distracted there.  Okay back to the magazines! The August 4th issue of Woman’s Day included a great quote from Wendy Bazilian, one of the authors of The SuperFoodsRx Diet:

Eating well is about continually making good small choices.

True dat.