Last night, I gave cheetahs a makeover. Yup, I am now officially addicted to Firey Cheetahs! Thanks to Penzeys Spices, who offer over 250 amazing seasonings to coat all your foods, my sweet potato fries got quite a liberal shaking of Chipotle spice.


From the company:

Ripe, red jalapeño peppers that have been slowly wood-smoked, chipotle peppers are rich, smoky and hot (but not searing). Throughout Mexico and Central America, chipotle peppers, also known as moritas, are regarded as a versatile and necessary addition to many dishes. Commonly used to add a deep smoky flavor to traditional Mexican dishes, such as red chili sauce, the use of chipotle peppers has exploded with the popularity of American Southwest cooking. A dash of chipotle is a perfect addition to everything, from barbecue and breadsticks, to soup and salsa. Ground Chipotle Pepper is an attractive, coarse red powder that is so easy to use it almost seems like cheating!  15,000 heat units

Now, I’m not sure what exactly 15,000 heat units means, but these were some flaming fries, just what I needed to kick them up a notch! I might have gotten a wee bit carried away, as they were almost too spicy to finish, but I succeeded.


Along with my spicy fries I had sausage and peppers. Well, a healthy version at least! TJ was OUT of my favorite cilantro chicken sausages (are these discontinued?!?) so I settled for Garlic Herb instead. Mixed with yellow peppers, mushrooms, and red onions, this bowl was a perfect match for my cheetahs!


I also revisited my childhood this morning with a new cereal find. Last night at TJ, I was scrounging the aisles, looking for a low-calorie, nutrient-dense cereal to use in my yo-messes.  I grabbed Kashi Honey Oat Graham Love Cereal (you know which one I mean, the one with the oat-y hearts) but then spotted Mighty Bites and went for that instead! The nutritionals seemed spot-on, and there are only 60 calories in 1/2 cup which is perfect for me since I add so many other things into my breakfasts. Best part?! These taste JUST like the cereal bits in Lucky Charms!!

I had many little men frolicking in my bowl this morning.


I may or may not have drowned them all in some Fage 🙂