Wednesday night I had an event for work.  My day usually ends around 5:30, but the event didn’t start until 7. Even though I was supposed to get there early and knew there would be some food passed around, I am never quite sure what or how much I will be eating when I am “working” at these parties. And since I tend to get cranky aka turn into a total raging biotch when I am hungry, I thought fueling before the event would be best.

Ever since seeing Wahoo’s Fish Tacos featured by the lovely Banana Cabana, I’ve been wanting to check it out. There was a location not far from my final destination, so I ended up grabbing a kid bowl with grilled white fish, brown rice, and seasoned spicy white beans on the way. It didn’t look nearly as pretty as the food Caroline ate, but it tasted healthy and fresh and I felt both stuffed and clean (opposed to stuffed and sick/gross of course). Can you believe that this is a kid portion?!


I had plenty of time to eat and chat with my mommy for a bit before going into the event, held at an upscale shoe boutique to launch a new website all about…can you guess?? Shoes! I was there with my boss, for our client. Doesn’t she look pretty??


There was also LOTS of dessert to follow my dinner. Try not to drool!



And some lucky b won this purse. It wasn’t me, but wouldn’t that have been nice?!?!?!


My cute boss and I had fun working the room. She is pregnant and glowing, no? I clearly forgot how to smile like a normal person and after blinking the first 2 times, am now opening my eyes like a crazy lady…but besides that, love it!


P.S. Thanks Julia for outfitting me in your sweet lacy dress 🙂

Hope you all had a great Friday! My week has been LOCO so I am looking forward to some R&R. Tonight I’m off to Cat & Fiddle for a glass of wine, with a big crew apparently. Can’t wait to read up on all your fun adventures!!