Sunday night already, boo! I had SUCH a lovely, relaxing weekend. Yesterday I walked 15+ miles, between the beach trail with Julia, shopping down 3rd Street Promenade, and wandering around town all night with Steph.Β  Julia and I capped off our walk with killer turkey burgers with avocado in Venice Beach. Such a good excuse for exercise!

Then Stephanie and I went to see The Ugly Truth. It was uber cheese, which means I loved it. We stopped off at the Farmer’s Market in the Grove and grabbed dinner to bring into the movie theater. Too bad it was so dark or I would have taken a picture of THE BEST grilled chicken, balsamic-drizzled grilled veggies and whole wheat spaghetti. I was majorly impressed!! Does anyone else get seriously excited about eating a full meal at the movies?

This morning I woke up super early, had the usual yogurt mess, then hit the gym for a nice sweaty workout. A round of errands took me right up through lunch time, and I eagerly dug into my groceries when I got home. I started with a side salad drizzled with Catalina Free.


And then had my last TJ chicken sausage with some spicy cheetahs. Such a great meal!


Later in the afternoon, I snacked on some fresh mango. I meant to do laundry and clean, but I ended up just reading and watching TV. I did get started on the new APARTMENT SEARCH which was exciting. Julia and I are moving with my little sister, who is moving out to LA, down to the beach. I can’t wait, and signing up for the search engine makes it all real πŸ™‚


I have been having major avocado cravings lately, so for dinner I recreated an old childhood favorite. Growing up, my mom would always make deconstructed tacos, with a ring of lettuce, then tomato, then cheddar cheese, then taco meat on a big serving plate. We would each get a bowl of chips and then the dipping and dunking would begin! I gussied up my version with lettuce, tomato, homemade guacamole and tilapia. This was actually my FIRST time making guac and it came out pretty good! I used 1/4 avocado, pineapple salsa, red onion, lemon, sea salt and green onion. I swung past Whole Foods for some lime cilantro tortilla chips to use as dippers.


Just as delicious as it looks πŸ™‚


Right now I am watching Royal Pains on USA — love summer programming! I’m picturing a lovely Skinny Cow fudge pop in my very near future, mmm. Hope you all had great weekends! I am looking at another crazy Monday. Ah, better to be busy right??