More repeats for you guys! I’ve been oddly exhausted this week, so Thursday I decided to take the night off from the gym and just veg. It was MUCH needed! I got to sleep by 10 PM (which is totes crazy for me!!) and was somewhat more awake on Friday. Yesterday was a real creeper though! Thursday and Friday I had the exact same yogurt mess. Five straight days of pure bliss. I also had a repeat Boca Burger with smashed avocado on Thursday and finished the box — SCORE! Lame veggie burgers and I have officially broken up πŸ™‚

Thursday dinner and Friday lunch I had the same messy meal containing chicken, eggplant, broccoli, acorn squash, cilantro, chile paste, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. The squash was definitely the superstar of the bowl!



And lunch

And lunch

Friday was slooow but with the weekend just around the corner, of course I was happy. I made it to the gym for a combo workout of elliptical, stairs, and bike. My reward was a gorgeous pizza that I’d been dreaming about all day! Usually I make my own, but I was craving restaurant-style and decided to hit up the Farmer’s Market restaurant that Steph and I visited last weekend before the movie, Deano’s. After debating the menu for an eternity, I settled on a margarita pizza, mostly for the herb crust. I am still on the search for my favorite LA pizza place, but this did the trick last night πŸ™‚


I enjoyed part of this guy while watching Marley & Me.Β  I read the book a while back and have had the movie sitting on the coffee table for ages; it was cute! And sad, but I knew all the details already, so that helped.Β  I was craving chocolate, cold and creamy for dessert, but didn’t have one thing that fit the bill, so I ended up with an ice pop, a dozen M&Ms, and a spoonful of coffee ice cream. Bizarre, but it worked!


This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and made the regular yogurt mess with a big mug of rooibos tea on the side.


Then I headed down to Malibu for a beach clean, but there was no one else there besides the surfers! It was a cloudy, misty morning, so I just wandered the beach for a bit and watched some surfing. It was incredibly relaxing; I love being by the water and early morning/late evening are always my favorite times to walk the shore. After about an hour, I drove over to the Malibu Country Mart and read a book at Starbucks along with a cup of chamomile tea until the sun peeked out around 11 AM.Β  Starbucks was really just my excuse to swing into John’s Garden to grab lunch to-go.

First up, a blast to the past — Stewart’s Diet Root Beer!


Followed by the Western Club, with egg salad, avocado, tomato, onion and sprouts.




Can you tell I love this sandwich πŸ™‚

Tonight I am planning to hit up Pourtal, a bar in Santa Monica where you pay per 1-ounce pour and get to taste a whole bunch of wines. I’ve never tried something like that before and I’m totally psyched! Will take pictures, I promise πŸ™‚

One last tidbit; as y’all know, I read a ton of magazines for my job and always save the food/health/girlie ones for Friday afternoons. Yesterday I stumbled across this bit in the August issue of Good Housekeeping that caught my eye:

The key to eating less may be all in your head. In a recent study, 50 adults were given a seemingly healthy turkey sandwich for lunch.Β  But it actually contained 960 calories (fatty mayo! cheesy bread!), a fact only half the group was told.Β  The outcome? Clued-in diners ate, on average, 469 fewer calories throughout the rest of the day than those who’d been left in the dark. When you know how many calories you’re consuming, you’re more likely to balance your overall intake, researchers say.

Nothing groundbreaking, but still interesting. I personally don’t count calories BUT I do like to have a mental guesstimate for meals so I know I am not blowing 1000 calories on a turkey sandwich. I guess that’s why I really don’t mind calorie counts on menus, but I know a lot of other people feel disagree. What about you? When you eat out, do you want to be “clued-in” or “left in the dark?”