Friday was chock full of more work dramalama. At least I got to wear jeans?

yogurt mess

Yogurt mess

Thursday night leftovers

Thursday night leftovers

More squash

More squash

Orange bell peppers

Orange bell peppers

THEN I got a text from Julia letting me know that she’d just booked a guest star role in a new sitcom called Modern Family that’s slated for FOX this fall!!!!!!!!!!!! After I did a freak out dance in my cubicle and told everyone in my office, I had to go to the gym to burn off a little extra energy! I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical before Julia left work and we both headed home to CELEBRATE!!!!!!!

First things first, we jumped up and down all around the apartment, obviously. Then we popped the bubbly!


The two of us made a pact to go all-out in celebration, so we polished off the bottle before heading out to dinner. Don’t worry, we walked! We hit up Sushi Dan, one of our favorite spots, where our friend Brian works. We told him the good news and he immediately brought over some sweet Nigori cold sake for us to share.


We didn’t get to dinner until 9:30ish, so we were HUNGRY! We started off with hot, salty edamame…


…and vegetable tempura!


For our main course, we split three rolls, starting off with an oldie but goodie — plain Jane spicy tuna.


We also tried the Rock’n Roll which included 4 kinds of fish, avocado, crabmeat, masago and yoma gobo wrapped in cucumber.


I LOVED this one!!!


Just in case you were thinking we ordered all healthy rolls, don’t forget #3. All I know is it featured albacore, tempura & jalapenos and was especially delicious!


This roll was stuffed with sushi goodness!


When we finished eating, Brian brought over some hot sake for the three of us to enjoy together before Jules and I headed over to Bar Lubitsch to meet up with Jen and Ben. We danced to awful 80s music and closed down the bar πŸ™‚




After we left, we tried to track down some ice cream sundaes. Unfortunately all the places we passed were closed, which made us incredibly sad…which we found incredibly funny! Is there anything better than contagious giggling??


Luckily Julia had the genius idea of going to Canter’s, a 24-hour Jewish deli located right near our apartment. We each picked out a cookie to munch while waiting on our food.


We brought everything back to our place and dug in while watching The Soup. In continuing with the celebration theme of the night, we ordered a very melted banana split for something sweet…


…coleslaw for something savory…


…and steak fries for something salty! We ended up dipping the fries straight into the coleslaw and ice cream. Everything was excessive and delicious.


We woke up Sunday morning with our bellies stuffed for half the day but it was worth it. I am so proud of my girlie pie!!!