Whatcha gonna do??

Today my office celebrated a coworker’s birthday! We had bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. Then I had a Lean Cuisine and carrots for lunch to counteract the afternoon birthday cake I knew was coming. Plus another bagel half. Ehh, my carb tooth was itching.  Then we had Sprinkles cupcakes and I ate one. Plus enough bites of some other ones that it might have been closer to 2?! There was red velvet, chocolate, lemon coconut, and boring vanilla. Yes, tasted them all with some 2% milk. We don’t kid around when it comes to sweets!

At this point, sugar overload has officially SET in! My high school friend and appointed diet nagger Dana has decreed…

Drop n give me 20! Then 100 crunches.. and u better eat some egg whites tmrw and limit ur sugar to natural aka fruit! No more cupcakes for at least 2 weeks! :). Xoxo

I’m gonna hit the gym now and get started on that. MMM Sprinkles, I will eat you over lame sheet cake any day.


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