Saturday morning I woke up still full from my “fourth meal” and didn’t start to feel hungry at all until noon. I tried to stick with eating lots of fruits and veggies all day to give my body a break!

Yogurt mess

Yogurt mess



Homemade ratatouille

Homemade ratatouille



I had dinner plans with Stephanie and our friend Lindsay, who just moved back to CA from Washington, DC, where the three of us all went to college. We “went to school” together but didn’t become friends until moving to LA! I didn’t even know Lindsay when we all lived in DC. Crazy, right? Anyway, she just took a job with the Red Cross in Santa Barbara and was spending the weekend in LA. Luckily, both the girls were all about hitting up Tender Greens, where I continued to placate my stomach with a salad that featured butter lettuce, radishes, beets, and grilled flank steak.Ā  I got it without dressing and felt just like a lean, mean fighting machine šŸ™‚

After dinner, we stopped into a really cute wine bar so we could keep catching up, and I ordered a fun white labeled “FREAKOUT” on the menu. Who can resist a name like that?! I did pass up dessert though — my belly was still having no part of that!

Sunday morning I woke up feeling good as new and whipped up some hearty cinnamon applesauce pancakes, topped with strawberries and 1 tbsp maple syrup.


After digesting, I hit the gym for a sweaty hour on the elliptical. I FINALLY added some new music to my playlist which helped me bang out the hour much quicker! Then I swung by the grocery store to get goodies for the week. Lunch was centered around the Boar’s Head White American cheese I grabbed from the deli; I rarely buy this stuff because I don’t eat cheese all that often but sometimes I get a huge craving for it! I made a Flatout wrap with cheese, sliced tomato, and crushed cilantro lime tortilla chips.


With red pepper slices and some more chippies on the side!


This lunch was delicious! Of course my hand ended up snagging a few more chips throughout the rest of the afternoon. Not too many, but once I start, I keep remembering they are there and wanting to go back for one more, you know?

I spent the whole rest of the day at home, cleaning and doing laundry. I felt lame for not getting out to the beach or going out with friends, but I never do household things during the week, and I like starting the week knowing that my schizz is all in order. I ended up with a light dinner so I could save lots of room for dessert.


Lemon pepper fish, spinach, corn on the cob

Dessert was Yogurtland while watching True Blood — the perfect Sunday night combo!


Oy, back to work already?! How did that happen so quickly?? The only unusual ingredient in my regular yogurt mess was the new pineapple coconut Dannon. I’ve seen this flavor on lid tops for ages, and my store finally got some in stock! It was really delicious but for purposes of my breakfast, I will probably still stick to vanilla or plain. This flavor would be pretty awesome frozen though and eaten like an italian ice…I will definitely have to try that!


Lunch featured more homemade ratatouille. I cooked this up Saturday when I was majorly craving my veggies. It turned out pretty awesome I must say! I ate about a cup of it today on top of salad; the hot/cold combo was excellent.


Snacks for the rest of the day included a sandwich thin with a slice of faux cheese, red bell pepper strips, and a PB Fiber One bar. I stayed a little bit late to finish some extra work, then hit the gym for 40 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the stationary bike because my leg was majorly straining. I got home close to 9 PM and put together an amazing calzone. Here it is before the oven! I used a piece of my homemade dough from last week, tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, red onions, and spinach.


Hot & fresh!


I wish I could have shared a bite with all of you! It was that good.


Told ya!

Now I’m off to cook some lemon bars for a birthday brunch at work tomorrow.Ā  I’ve never made them before so hopefully they turn out okay.Ā  Then Nurse Jackie and a Skinny Cow Fudge pop? That’s my plan!