You girls all have such great mentalities! Once upon a time there was a Kate who just ate whatever, whenever, and didn’t STRESS so much about food. I think I’ve become a wee bit obsessive, over-thinking and the like, but I’m trying to just enjoy the moment & not give food so much power and your comments all reminded me of that πŸ™‚

Today I got back to basics with my usual yogurt mess for breakfast.


Plus some much needed coffee in my travel mug from France. I bought this in Paris because it was SO COLD and I wanted to drink tea on-the-go. I looked like such a tourist though; no European would ever carry one of these!


Lunch involved a great mix of veggies with hot ratatouille…


And cold salad Fresh Express mix…


Voila! All combined!


Then I played a little phone catch-up with my Lauren outside and stopped off at Coffee Bean for my favorite no-sugar added Toffee Rooibos Tea latte.Β  These are made with the NSA vanilla powder and non-fat milk but taste full-fat and almost too sweet! Love that.


After a little more work, I broke out the rest of my lunch — a toasted sandwich thin topped with two slices of the white American cheese I picked up Sunday, followed by a pear around 4.



Then I hit DSW for some shoe shopping…saw a killer pair of Michael Kors platform HIGH heels but I need to deliberate. I LOVE sexy heels & the way they look but then I end up wearing flats most of the time. In my head I am a jumbo heels girl, and in reality I am a flip flops girl.Β  Maybe I should just get cute flats instead?Β  Thoughts?!

DSW is next to the gym, so I dragged my butt in there for 40 minutes. Then I was off to Trader Joe’s for dinner ingredients! So once a month, I get these insane cravings. Normally, when I have a craving, I can ration with myself: Do you really want that? Are you just hungry in general? Would you be full/satisfied eating that? Would you rather have a treat later? You know, those kinds of things. However, like clockwork, I have those few days where all reason goes out the window. It happens every month, yet every single time, I am AMAZED that my food cravings can get so intense that I feel like biting off my arm! Usually it’s carbs or ice cream on my mind, and tonight, Italian was calling my name. I wanted to just stop off at a restaurant but since I will be eating out at least once a day the rest of the week and through Sunday, I decided to whip up something at home.



Totally hit the spot!

Now I am off to search for some sweet thangs. And I was wondering why I couldn’t stop eating all those cupcakes yesterday πŸ™‚

Seriously though, I always wonder if these cravings are similar to what I will experience when pregnant, except for 9 months straight instead of 2-3 days every month?!?! I can’t even imagine!