Thursday night, I finally got to see Julie & Julia! Stephanie met me at work and we grabbed dinner at the mall food court before the movies. I was tempted by goodies like glass noodles, tomato soup, and curried chicken salad, but after seeing Whit devour a whole bunch of hummus, I got the biggest craving for a big bowl of blended chickpeas and pita triangles. Unfortunately the hummus at the Mediterranean place looked somewhat questionable, so I ended up ordering a hummus veggie wrap from my favorite Century City spot — Coral Tree Cafe Express.


I told the guy “EXTRA HUMMUS PLEASE” but that didn’t happen. Does this look like a lettuce wrap or is that just me?! It still tasted delicious though 🙂


After eating, Steph and I picked up some treats for the film — Pinkberry for her and Junior Mints for me. We also each had a Victor Benes ladybug shortbread cookie. How cute?!


The movie was fun! I enjoyed the book and possibly the movie even more. My mom is a huge Julia Child fan and has a  “Julia voice” that comes out when she’s cooking fancy meals. My family even happened to be at the Smithsonian exhibit of Julia’s Cambridge kitchen while she was THERE. My mom was so excited; she’s too cute 🙂

Friday was busy as usual. My yogurt mess was especially delicious with the addition of fresh calimyrna figs that I picked up from the Farmers’ Market. Don’t they remind you of mini watermelon slices???


The morning went quickly since I had to squeeze in an eye appointment to get new contacts. Since the office was somewhat deserted, I ended up introducing the girls on my PR team to my favorite, Sushi Dan! This place has the best lunch specials of all time. I got miso soup, a spicy tuna roll, a cucumber roll, and a California roll all for $9! I ate half and took the rest home for lunch on Saturday.

After work, I went over to Katie Jo’s house for a girlie night.  BECKY is in town visiting from NYC so we all just hung out, ordered some Papa John’s thin crust veggie pizza to nosh on, and caught up on life. What a perfect end to a LONG week at work! Oh, and Julia and I stopped off at Yogurtland for a lil treat to cap off the night. Now THAT is really the perfect way to end a night 🙂

Saturday morning I woke up before 7 am. Why I ask you?!? I hate waking up so early on the weekends. I drank my coffee and ate breakfast before 8, wishing the whole time that my sleepy butt was still getting some zzzs…


After breakfast digested, I ran a few errands, picked up 2 new books at the library, and hit the gym. To keep myself entertained, I did 15 minutes on the treadmill, then 15 minutes each on two types of elliptical trainers. Once I got home, I settled down with my leftover sushi. Here’s a look at Friday and Saturday’s lunch…it was just as delicious the second time around!


I also made 1/2 cup of wrinkled edamame and some kale for greens on the side.


I spent most of the afternoon curled up with a Skinny Cow fudge pop and the latest Jane Green…

jane green

…followed by an embarrassingly long nap! I woke up incredibly parched and stole a fruit chiller from the roommate 🙂


I also had an unpictured pear before heading out on a nice little walk down to TJ. The hummus craving from Thursday had NOT been satisfied and I needed my fix! I picked up some eggplant hummus and decided to make a wrap that contained the hummus, diced and sauteed eggplant & red onion, lettuce blend, and sliced tomato.


It might not look like much, but it was delicious! I had some TJ Everything Pretzel Thins with MORE hummus on the side.


While eating, I got ready for a night out at Molly Malone’s to see Fight From Above with the girls. I ended up buying those killer heels and they looked insanely fabulous if I do say so myself ❤


I had a few sips of white wine at my place but wasn’t in the mood for drinks, just dance! We even choreographed a little number to the chorus of Raindrops and broke into “spontaneous” dance. Channeling She’s All That perhaps??



Today I have nothing much on the agenda…I don’t necessarily want to laze around all day, but I am going to be super busy the next two weeks (cousin in town from Europe, Julia’s mom visiting LA next weekend, my sister moving here a week from Tuesday, and Becky in town for another week) so it might be my only chance for some low-key alone time over the next few weeks! I am thinking about just kicking back, relaxing with my two new books, and maybe heading out for some fresh air this afternoon when I get cabin fever. Hope y’all are having a great weekend!