Wow! This week has been pretty crazy! Let me clue you in 🙂

Sunday I ended up being a huge bum, just reading and watching movies. I made one of my favorite weekend breakfasts, hearty pancakes with cinnamon applesauce. I mixed half of a super ripe banana and some vanilla into the batter but I couldn’t really taste either. Still good though!


Lunch was a return to the hummus wrap, with a side of kale chips and some unpictured hummus-dipped pretzel thins. LOVE these!


I ended up finishing my Jane Green AND the latest book by Jen Lancaster. Her memoirs are pretty funny and entertaining and this one was no exception!

jen lancaster

After all the book reading, I watched The Kite Runner. I read THAT book ages ago and have had the movie on my queue.  The lazy day slowly started to pass into stir-crazy territory at that point, but luckily it was almost dinner time so I got to work on making up some homemade pizza dough.  My tomato sauce, cheese, basil, mushroom & red bell pepper calzone was delicious — even though it didn’t photograph so well!


Then I swung by Yogurtland for what’s quickly become a Sunday night tradition: froyo & True Blood! Such a good combo. I just got two flavors this time (madagascar vanilla and PB) and my portion size was remarkably smaller (and reasonable LOL) than usual. Duh Kate 🙂


Monday started off with a bang and was super crazy.  I had the usual yogurt mess for breakfast and a Lean Cuisine ravioli bowl for lunch. I was pretty stressed, which makes me snacky, so I had a few handfuls of uber delicious trail mix later in the afternoon. The one picture I did capture!


I had a meeting at 5 and really needed a glass of wine afterward.  Luckily Steph was able to meet me for a quick drink and we swung by Palomino’s happy hour for a glass of white.  Going along with the white theme, we also had some white bean hummus with pizza crisps. Gorgeousness! It was fabulous to see Stephanie and our quick meetup literally brought my stress level from 10 to 2, so thanks girlie!

I left feeling pepped and full of energy, so I hit the gym for a quick 30 minute workout on the elliptical. By the time I got home, it was pretty late and I wasn’t too hungry, so I just had a yogurt and a veggie burger. More unpictured food, sorry 🙂

Tuesday I remembered to whip out the camera, not that you haven’t seen this a million times.


Work was work…I still LIKE my job but there have been a lot of things happening lately that don’t necessarily make the days easy. To speed up the day, I made lunch a two parter. Around noon, I had a salad topped with cooked eggplant. I love adding hot ingredients to cold lettuce because then you don’t need any dressing!


Then I went for a long walk outside and called my mommy.  I am trying my best to find little ways to de-stress during the day so I don’t turn into such a crazy lady 🙂

When I got back to the office, I had the rest of my lunch — a Dr. Praeger’s Tex Mex veggie burger and nuked sweet potato. I’ve never had these veggie burgers before and they are MUCH tastier to me than the Boca burgers, but they fell apart in a second!


I’ve been snacky in the afternoons this week and luckily I brought a nice white nectarine for some munch & crunch. It was delicious!


Julia & I decided to have a girls night in preparation for her guest star shoot today! I headed straight home after work and walked in to discover this beauty:


What’s that you ask?? The boys at Julia’s restaurant know how much we love Newsroom bread, so they stockpile the ends…


Have you guys ever noticed that restaurants don’t serve the ends of the loaf? More goodies for me! Of course I ate a little piece immediately.

Then we kicked off the night with small glasses of Fresh & Easy’s version of Trader Joe’s two buck Chuck — The Big Kahuna Chardonnay. Pretty good! Possibly better than TJ’s I think?!


Jules and I tossed around lots of food suggestions before finally deciding on Indian! I’ve actually never ordered Indian delivery before. I felt like I was in one of those British chick lit novels…you know, where they are always getting “curry takeaway?” Anyway, we ordered Naan & Paratha bread and rice to share. There must have been 5 lbs of rice, seriously!



I got an amazing tofu green coconut curry. It might not look like anything fancy, but it sure tasted fantastic!


We attempted to dole out servings on salad plates but there was  lots of naan dipping.  I had lots more than this one plate, but not so much that I finished it all. Don’t worry, I definitely had leftovers for lunch AND we have rice for days!


I was STUFFED the rest of the night. So happy I finally realized how much I love Indian curry. I will definitely be enjoying more of this I’m sure! That’s all from me for now…I’m off to catch up on some of your lives and watch some SVU.  Happy Humping!