This morning I woke up to my sister sleeping on the floor! We are crammed in for a little bit but she’s officially a Cali girl now πŸ™‚

Breakfast was standard and delicious.


My morning was really rushed; I had to run a client meeting but it went well.Β  More things kept piling up on my plate (non-food things, sad) but I took a break around noon for some lettuce blend and basil tomatoes.


These veggies powered me through another two hours of calls and writing and emails but I finally had to take a quick walk outside. Anyone have some good stress reducing tips? My heart was pounding from trying to meet all those last minute deadlines! I did pause for some rooibos tea; this flavor might be my absolute favorite and helped me relax for a moment.


Around 2 PM I dug into the rest of my lunch…Dr. Praeger veggie burger and sweet potato. I almost grabbed a Lean Cuisine on the way out the door but thought of this combo instead. So glad — this meal is always so filling and makes me feel healthy every time I dig in.


We always have tons of snacks in the office that I usually bypass but today we had an array of Yummy Cupcakes that were mini sized! Unfortunately none of the flavors were labeled (anyone else spoiled by the charts that come in boxes of chocolate??) but I snagged a delicious Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese cupcake and was v. happy with my random selection!


I am loving cream cheese icing lately! For some reason though, this cuppy cake tore up my stomach which was unfortunate.  Water chugging to follow 😦

After work, I headed to the gym since my sister and my cousin were day tripping in Laguna Beach. Jealous much?! I sure was. They are still there right now eating dinner, lucky ducks. I did 45 minutes on the rear drive elliptical (thanks Susan for the tutorial!) and another 20 on the bike with this month’s “controversial cover” SELF.Β  According to the magazine, gliding backward on the elliptical burns 7% more calories and targets tush & hamstrings. Love that! I just recently started the backward action and I’m glad to hear it’s just as effective, if not more!

Dinner was random and easy. I was thinking pasta, stir fry rice, eggrolls, etc. but was actually craving veggies so I went with it.



Lettuce, tomato & hummus wrap

Lettuce, tomato & hummus wrap

I’m getting ready to settle down with a Skinny Cow fudge pop and TRUE BLOOD! I missed it Sunday and am antsy to catch up πŸ™‚