Today started and ended well. The middle was a little overwhelming. I kicked off the day with a yogurt mess. I don’t have too much fruit so I added a small peach this morning which was nice and crunchy.


Julia came out to Century City and met me for lunch, which was awesome. It’s so nice getting away from the office for a bit! We took a quick walk across the street and settled on Piknic, a great soup, salad, and sandwich place. Of course we decided to eat all three! We both got the matzah ball soup to start even though it was 100+ degrees today. Hence why we ate inside 🙂


I also got a veggie/goat cheese press sandwich with a salad on the side. It’s been a while since I last had goat cheese and it made this sammie especially delicious!


The two of us also split an order of sweet potato fries! The boys at the register tried to be helpful and offered to switch out our side salads with a side of fries because they didn’t think we could eat all of this food. Oh how wrong they were. What can I say, we love to eat!


The afternoon went downhill when one of my coworkers got fired. Long story…my job isn’t in any jeopardy but it was still a pretty rough day. Lucky for me, my sister is here now so I was able to swing home and pick her up and we went for a nice hike (and talk!) in Runyon Canyon. Sometimes just blabbering away helps, you know?

For dinner we decided on Asian cuisine and I made chicken/veggie/soy sauce stir fry served with kale chips, TJ veggie eggroll, and 1/4 cup rice.  I LOVE these eggrolls, they are just as satisfying as the restaurant variety!


Now we are just watching Friends and snacking on some Skinny Cow. Repeat picture but hey, it’s pretty 🙂


I deserve this weekend and it’s shaping up to be a good one!! Tomorrow night we are planning a Newsroom dinner (YUM!) and then I have a big SURPRISE for the girls Saturday morning! Shh, it’s a secret but I think y’all will like it too 🙂