It’s the weekend, YAY! Friday was filled with lots of gorgeous eats. Always makes the day better, no?? Breakfast was a yogurt mess, with the nice addition of kiwi. I’ve been out of strawberries all week but it’s fun testing out different fruits instead!


Stephanie was able to meet me at work for lunch, which was awesome because we both had a million and one things to talk about and majorly needed to catch up. Usually, I always hit Coral Tree but Steph convinced me to try the bowls at Take A Bao instead…


So happy I gave this a try! I ordered the Coconut Curry Veggie Noodles, which came with tons of tofu, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, green beans, napa cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions & cilantro. Whew! That’s a mouthful! The sauce was super light & flavorful and I must admit, I ate every bite. It was seriously delicious! I wish the noodles would have been glass noodles (I had the oddest craving for those), but besides that, perfection!

One of my coworkers brought back some gorgeous chocolates from Israel and they were so pretty, I had to snap a picture.


But I actually skipped these in favor of a baby chocolate froyo. It’s finally gotten HOT in California and I needed something cool. Ignore that this is actually half eaten…how perfect is this mini cup for an after lunch treat??


After finally finishing out the long week, I headed home to meet up with Julia & Rachel. As per usual, we are slow as molasses and didn’t leave our house until 8:30 to walk to dinner. Standard! Even though we skipped our workouts, we DID walk 2+ miles each way to and from the restaurant. Can you tell I am giving myself a pat on the back?! The walk there definitely built up our appetite and the three of us shared a whole bunch of delicious treats.

We started off with a glass of white wine and the boys in the kitchen quickly sent over the grilled balsamic artichoke (that’s pesto tofunaise (pesto blended with veganaise) in the back, in case you were wondering!), Newsroom’s specialty.


Followed by my favorite dish of the night (not counting dessert of course), the goat cheese salsa. Hot goat cheese!? Yes, please!!


The three of us also split some turkey breast sandwiches on flatbread…


…and a whole wheat quesadilla that was stuffed with low-fat cheese, smoked chicken, sundried tomatoes, pesto, pine nuts and corn salsa. Exotic, no? Topped with more corn salsa and avocado, this was delish!


If that weren’t enough, the chef sent over our favorite flourless chocolate cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Okay, okay, we were going to order this even if he didn’t send it over but still, he totally read our minds!


Our dessert was served with a shot of tequila that the bartender personally brought over so he could take one with us. Actually, make mine a 1/2 shot because I split it with our waiter!! Bellies full and bodies warmed for the walk home, we meandered the two miles back and literally collapsed into bed and passed out. Hey, it was midnight by then, so don’t judge!

Of course I woke up at 7 AM and after futzing around for a bit, am ready to wake the girls for our SURPRISE morning! More on that later! Happy weekend everyone πŸ™‚