Ah, thanks everyone for your comments on Sunday’s brunch! It was fantastic and the whole day was definitely one to remember. How great is it that the food blog forces me to capture those memories forever?! No complaints here!

Sorry about being MIA on here and in reading your bloggies; not only is work crazy, I am trying to find an apartment and that is proving to be harder than I thought…anyway, I fully intended to keep up with photographing but then I got to work on Monday and my camera made some stinky noises at me and went kaput!  Luckily my mom is a dream and got the v. extended warrantee so its STILL valid and Geek Squad is dealing with it right now. Hopefully I will be back soon with good updates (as in, new apartment photos or news that I am homeless…)!

One thing I have been enjoying…Kashi! Thanks to a great tip from my girl over at The Skinny Plate who so sweetly emailed me over the weekend, I was able to snag all you see below:




Plus one more of these guys

For a mere $10!!!!

Sorry for dragging that out but seriously, cereal for days! Actually, cereal for weeks, literally. Thanks Steph for the heads-up – my yogurt messes have been very happy 🙂

Also, I am afraid I might be obsessed with watermelon tehe.  I may or may not have eaten my weight in it this week and I’m still ready to go back for more!