I’m still here! Neither homeless NOR with a new apartment…yet. Rachel and I hit a little roadblock last week that almost caused a major freakout, but thankfully my landlord gave us the go ahead to stay at my current place until the end of the month instead of the 15th, which gives us a little more time to sort everything out.

I love long weekends!! Today Rachel and I spent the day relaxing and reading at the beach, which was awesome. Much better than the usual Monday at work!!  I needed a good day of nothing after yesterday’s hard work, helping Julia move into her new studio 😦

The three of us carted a loveseat, a mattress, box spring, desk, dresser, kitchen table & chairs, coffee table, bookcase, and end table down two flights of twisty stairs to pack in the U-haul.  We may have looked like a scene straight out of Friends…and yes, we were yelling “Pivot!!” as we rounded every corner 🙂

After our few hours of hardcore lifting, major fuel was necessary before Round 2! Hence, a fabulous excuse for In-N-Out! You can thank Serious Eats for this gorgeous shot (mine was sans cheese, plus more onions!!).

Usually a meal here will stuff me right up but it just perfectly satisfied my hunger.  Luckily we called in manly reinforcements for Round 2, so the move-in went much quicker than the move-out.  Today my muscles are so sore!  Good thing we have a few weekends to rest up before Part 2.

Hope everyone had a great 3-day weekend! Usually I think of Labor Day as the official FALL marker, but it’s still hot here. We’ve had a pretty cool summer so I’m crossing my fingers for a few more gorgeous weekends and nice warm weather through October. Hey…it could happen!!