This weekend has been so relaxing!! Man, I needed it!  After two weeks of busy, busy, busy, sick, busy, I decided to spend the whole weekend doing a lot of nothing.  Friday night was dedicated to Arrested Development.  If you like comedy TV in any way, shape, or form, you MUST watch. It’s beyond funny!! I got really into this show a few years back and just discovered that I never finished the whole series. Sweet!!! I see many moments of rolling on the floor in laughter in my near future 🙂

Saturday, Rachel and I ended up at the beach after I ran some boring shopping errands.  It got cloudy and chilly but it was perfect weather for wearing a warm sweater and curling up with a good book.  I stopped off at the library for the latest Madeleine Wickham AKA Sophie Kinsella book, The Wedding Girl.  I love reading girly lit at the beach!

We made an early dinner so we could walk to The Grove to catch a movie.  I filled a bowl with tomatoes & basil, spinach, eggplant/red onion/cucumbers topped with TJ Corn & Chile salsa.  I just bought this tomato-less salsa for the first time and I love the spicy kick!


Normally I would eat way more than this, but I wanted to save belly room for movie candy, like Junior Mints! My all-time favorite movie treat…


…and new Cranberry Raisinets. Or Craisinets as I call them. Yum!


Plus some goodies for Rachel. All together now!


We didn’t finish all this candy but the variety was fabulous!! We walked over to the theater, deciding between 500 Days of Summer and Love Happens.  The two movies started within 5 minutes of each other so we kept flipping back and forth between the two. We got on line thinking 500 Days and changed our mind at the very last second!

So sad. Rachel and I were both crying like babies. Still, I liked it! Love Aaron Eckhart and the part with him and Jennifer Anniston at the hookah bar is SO early relationship/cutesy honeymoon stage. After the movie, we wandered around and even caught a few minutes of shopping before walking back home.

Movies + candy = the perfect recipe for a relaxing night!

Today’s been all about the fruits & veggies (with a few pieces of last night’s candy snuck in for good measure!).



I made a great mix of avocado, tomatoes, red onion and Corn & Chile salsa to top my veggie burger. It was creamy and spicy and so good!


I even hit the gym today for an hour, whoo! I’ve been too busy to squeeze in an official workout recently, so it was nice to break a sports-related sweat, opposed to sweating in my hot apartment 🙂

I’m continuing my relaxing streak with a marathon of Law & Order SVU and lots of DVR.  I STILL need to watch the season premiere of GG!!!!  And I have a new episode of Toddlers & Tiaras taped…definitely the most embarrassing show I watch.  Anyone else have some guilty TV favorites??