Yesterday I had to head over to the Valley for work.  Normally running around all day instead of getting things done at the office is pretty stressful, but instead I decided to take a cue from my last post where I gushed about my sun-lovin’ attitude and enjoyed the ride through the palm trees, green lawns, and 100 degree heat. I was one happy camper!


By the way, has anyone else noticed that bloggers are shameless self-photographers??

Going over the hill ALSO meant I got to stop off somewhere to grab lunch.  I deliberated over Panera (maybe for once K would have been jealous of my soup/baguette combo!) but I simply couldn’t pass up the Sushi Dan lunch special. I used to go here ALL the time when I worked at my old company but now I am a little too far away to make it there and back in my lunch hour.  So now I just have to save it for dinners out, but I try to get the Dan anytime I have a random open afternoon.  There are SO many options to choose from, but one of my favorites is spicy tuna, cucumber roll, California roll, and miso soup for $9. Amazing! I had half for lunch, with lots of ginger.


Plus a great cup of miso soup. Normally I would just eat this with chopsticks but I got the cutest soup spoons from Cost Plus/World Market ages ago that I haven’t had a chance to use! So pretty, no??


For dessert I had these two strawberry candies. My great aunt always had these on hand when we were growing up and they remind me of childhood!  I think all hard candies should have an ooey, gooey center.


I also squeezed in an impromptu little run before Marissa’s birthday dinner that felt great.  I didn’t have time to make it to the gym and back before I had to shower and get ready to go out.  I’m not usually in the mood to run but the thought of doing a 30 minute workout in just 30 minutes, with no driving and parking time tacked on, sounded fabulous! Afterward I refueled with a big glass of water and a translucent piece of yellow bell pepper.


Dinner was great, and I got to unload a whole bunch of magazines on Kate and Courtney.  No complaints when I pulled out the October issues of Vogue, InStyle, Harper’s, and about 10 different weeklies!

Speaking of weeklies (and by that I mean that the week is almost over, whew!), I’m so glad it’s Thursday night. Today I made it to the Farmer’s Market and snagged my first brussel sprouts of the season. Yay! Definitely one good thing about fall.


They baked up perfectly next to my leftover sushi!


Another NEW fall favorite – pumpkin ice cream! Rachel and I couldn’t resist buying the Dreyer’s Double Churned variety at the grocery store tonight and it was awesome. It went perfectly with the Office 🙂

Speaking of TV, I missed the premiere of Grey’s!! Anyone know if this posts online somewhere?!