I bought two small heads of broccoli last week with the intention of making some soup but wasn’t really craving it until today, when the weather finally dipped below 100 degrees.  This soup is super quick and easy and it tastes amazing!

First I diced 1/2 yellow onion.  I LOVE onion but if you aren’t a fan, you can just easily omit this step.


Next I added some garlic and basil. These are two ingredients that I usually don’t have fresh on-hand, but Trader Joe’s has the perfect solution – Dorot frozen herbs & spices!



One cube equals 1 clove of garlic and 1 tsp. of basil, respectively.  I added two of each to a little cooking spray in a pan, then tossed in the onions and cooked for a few minutes until everything was heated through.  Next came the broccoli! 


I added all the broccoli to the pot with a cup of water and a cup of Emeril’s All Natural Chicken Stock.  I would have added all chicken stock but I forgot I had this sample from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program!


I turned down heat a little, covered the pot and cooked for 7 minutes. Then I just dumped all of it, steaming, into the blender. Looks v. appetizing, no?


Alright, maybe not, but the end result certainly is pretty!


The only thing I would have done differently is add some arugula and cilantro to the blender.  Unfortunately I didn’t have either of these ingredients but I’ve used them in the past to add a little kick! Served with a nice crusty hunk of bread, this soup makes a light, refreshing meal or delicious addition to any dinner. You can even eat it cold 🙂

Not a broccoli fan? Try peas instead!