October 2009

My favorite Denver girl (well, she’s my favorite Nashville girl too!) gave me the OVER THE TOP! award that’s been making the blog rounds. Thanks Kaneil! I gave this survey my best stab at one word answers – it’s kind of hard!


1.Where is your cell phone? nightstand
2.Your hair? bedhead
3. Your mother? fabulous
4. Your father? hug
5. Your favorite food? carb-y
6. Your dream last night? none
7. Your favorite drink? baileys
8. Your dream/goal? family
9. What room are you in? living
10. Your hobby? reading
11. Your fear? bugs
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? california
13. Where were you last night? pizza
14. Something you aren’t? passive
15. Muffins? tops
16. Wish list item? jacuzzi 
17. Where did you grow up? jersey
18. Last thing you did? laundry
19. What are you wearing? sweats
20. Your TV? entertaining
21. Your pets? MOOKIE!
22. Your friends? da-best
23. Your life? lucky
24. Your mood? happy
25. Missing someone? always
27. Something you’re not wearing? contacts
28. Your favorite store? target
29. Your favorite color? yellow
30. When was the last time you laughed? yesterday
31. Last time you cried? privatepractice
32. Best Friend? julia
33. One place that I go over and over again? beach
34. One person who emails me regularly? becca
35. Favorite place to eat? aroma

SPEAKING OF…last night I got to enjoy a pizza that was over the top – in deliciousness! Rachel, Winston and I didn’t get to dinner until 10:45 and we were HUNGRY. I suggested something new to the area and to all three of us, Pizza Fusion.  This restaurant is billed as fresh, organic, and earth-friendly, which I love. Of course, the food was fantastic too 🙂

I was the last to order (everything looked TOO good) but was so happy with my final decision of Four Cheese & Sundried Tomato which was topped with sundried tomatoes (obvi), basil, roasted garlic, goat cheese, and their cheesy blend. I got this pizza mainly for the GOAT CHEESE. I am officially obsessed. The picture below is from Pizza Fusion’s website – not the one I ordered but gives a good idea of the crispy flat crust and fresh toppings! I will definitely hit this place up again.

pizza fusion

Right now Rachel and I are getting ready to pick up HER NEW CAR! No more sharing, schlepping and busing. Two v. happy girls are about to take a joyride!!!


I LOVE arugula. In fact, I think it deserves a place as one of the top salad greens. OF ALL TIME. A little arugula adds a whole lot of taste, something you can’t say about just any leafy lettuce. And while arugula is nice in salads, it’s even better on pizza!

In DC, one of my favorite pizza spots, 2 Amys, makes a delicious pizza topped in arugula. For some reason, I never tried to recreate this myself but the end result was amazing! Sunday night was relaxation with Rachel, which means lots of DVR and personal pizzas. I topped mine with a little sauce, tons of spinach, mushrooms, rosemary, goat cheese and covered the whole thing in those peppery leaves. If you’re a fan of arugula (and pizza, but of course that’s a no brainer), you will LOVE this pie!


Arugula also adds a nice little bite to sandwiches. Today at work, while the other girls were stuck with Subway, I resurrected my Perfect 10 bagels and topped one with eggplant hummus, Dr. P’s Tex Mex veggie burger, roasted eggplant and arugula. The flavor combo was awesome!


This sammie was so stuffed with filling foods that I almost couldn’t finish it. Almost.


Tomorrow is lining up to be a pretty good food day too, thanks to a breakfast meeting at Shutters, which hopefully means I can enjoy another Bull’s Eye! Cross your fingers that I will be kicking off the day with this lovely dish…


Maybe posting about it here the night before will guarantee I get to eat it 🙂

And if you haven’t already added arugula to your shopping list, get on it! A huge bag is super cheap at Trader Joe’s. I’m already thinking about what else this would complement…soup? Pasta? I smell yummy experiments in the very near future!

Wow, what a week! Not only have I been busy at the office, I was thrown for a loop with jury duty on Wednesday! I know that serving on a jury is an important element of our judicial system but honestly, I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to use my one week of vacation to serve on a trial. Luckily, I was in the 1/3 of the room that didn’t get called into the pool, so I just had to take one personal day and then it was back to the work grind!

I haven’t been to the gym much (eh, at all) this week since I’ve been working late nights BUT I have been cooking all week and eating some delicious meals! My eggplant rollatini made a reappearance for lunch, topping a bed of cabbage instead of a bowl of pasta (lightened for lunch!!). I really like raw cabbage, call me crazy.


Check out the stuffing! Yum, no??


I’ve also been fooling around with acorn squash. I seriously LOVE acorn squash. It might be my favorite of all the winter squashes! Yes, I am going for a record on how many times I can use the word squash in one post 🙂

One night, my sister and I each ate a half roasted, then stuffed with a rice/veggie mix and topped with goat cheese! Goat cheese + acorn squash = heaven. So heavenly in fact that the next night I ate a whole acorn squash ONLY sprinkled in goat cheese. Don’t knock it til you try it!


Yeah, clearly I’ve been on a goat cheese kick too. After my day at the courthouse downtown, I whipped up a beautiful pizza with homemade half & half dough, topped with rosemary, spinach, mushroom, tomato, and goat cheese. I definitely see a repeat in the very near future!


Last night I got to see one of my all time favorites! Nicole is one of my best friends from college, but I don’t get to see her often since we live so far apart. Since graduating, we’ve reunited in all our “home” bases – LA on my end, and DC and Madrid (more than willing to visit her in Spain!!) for Cole. She’s in LA for a hot minute, so I grabbed her for the night. Nicole was dying to try my favorite Sushi Dan after seeing it 10 million times on the blog, so after wine and snacks, we had some amazing sush. I got the Rock N’ Roll with a side of plain spicy tuna.


With a photo shoot to follow!


cole and kate 2





Have you guys ever played 1,2,3? We used to do this ALL the time in college. The person taking the photo says 1,2,3 then names any random thing and everyone in the photo has to immediately act it out for the picture with the first thing that comes into your head. I MAY have made everyone play…last night’s choice words included “Zoolander,” “humpback whale,” and “ballet.” Ballet is the only one that I won’t get in trouble for posting 🙂


The rest were pretty atrocious!

We had three days of rainy fall and now it’s back to hot and sunny! I am peacing out to watch USC trounce whatever team they are playing. Have a great weekend!

Today was a crazy Monday! Work has been so busy but I think if I really put myself out there, I might be surprised about some of the opportunities that will come out of my current craze.  Hectic days always leave me so excited to get home and pull on sweats and make something warm and toasty to eat.  Tonight I made a gorgeous veggie dinner! I haven’t made these eggplant rollatini in at least a year but they are amazing. The recipe is courtesy of WeightWatchers.com and so easy to make. Well, a little time consuming but not hard! First, slice and bake the eggplant.


Then make a nice sauce with canned crushed tomatoes and herbs.


While the eggplant and sauce were cooking, I heated up some diced red onion and winter squash…


…and mixed up a bowl of ricotta cheese and basil.


The last two combined with egg, salt & pepper make a delicious filling!


Just spoon mixture onto the skinny end of the eggplant and roll! You have to make sure to tuck the bottom under so nothing comes out, and then top with the tomato sauce.


Here’s my portion with a serving of whole wheat shells and spinach!


It was amazing – especially the ricotta mixture. Impressive even?  I love making dinners that make me look good, you know??


Now Rachel and I are watching GG…Georgina is such a devil and I love it 🙂

Then it’s off to bed EARLY! Tomorrow I’ll be rocking out another doozie.

The first time I tasted tempeh was at Real Food Daily, an organic vegan restaurant in LA. The food there is amazing and of course I became obsessed with tempeh immediately. When I tried to use it at home though, the delicious taste was just NOT there. All my tempeh dishes tasted so…raw? like sawdust? inedible?

When I ran into Whole Foods the other night to grab one ingredient (of course, of course), I saw Lightlife Tempehtations and had to get a box!


Without any effort, I had delicious pre-marinated tempeh! I honestly can’t say it really tasted like ginger or teriyaki but it was 110% better than the original tempeh I had cooked myself. I added a serving to lemon pepper roasted brussel sprots, radishes and eggplant for a warm, filling meal.


Okay, maybe it doesn’t look like the most appetizing meal in the world but it tasted delicious! I will definitely buy this tempeh again and can’t wait to taste the other flavors. I got two servings from one package, which in this case meant leftovers for lunch 🙂


What are your favorite pre-marinated foods??

Every time I take a picture of Cook’s champagne it makes me happy. Popping the bubbly means that a celebration is in order and Monday night was no exception – Rachel got a job!!!! Cheers!

I convinced her to move out to LA at the very end of August with promises of the sunshine/glass-half-full California dream.  There have been a few moments where we’ve been pretty broke and almost without a place to live, but you just figure things out when you’ve got no other choice. Hey, it’s hard, but nothing will ever change if you don’t just go out and DO it! Sure enough, it’s been a stressful time but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life can turn around in an instant. She went from having no concrete options to finding out about an opening on Wednesday, interviewing Friday, and getting the job Monday! Quick as that and she’s got a career.


Rachel will be working for a company that designs and manufactures heart valve technology. How cool is that?! I’m so thrilled for her because it’s totally up her alley and a fantastic place to start. She’s going to ROCK!!

We had plans for later but made time to clink clink.  I even grabbed a little accessory for our glasses – maraschino cherries are always the perfect touch!


Yesterday though was the REAL party. Well, the first of many I’m sure. When Rachel moved out to LA, we decided to treat ourselves to Pizza Hut when she got a job. Random pick?? Growing up, we would NEVER have been allowed to eat at Pizza Hut but thanks to Book It! we got to go once a month. Did you have this program at your elementary school too??


Basically, you got a coupon for discounts and personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut after reading a certain goal number of books each month. The fact that I was a total bookworm made this a cinch.  Anyway, my parents HATED Pizza Hut but they always brought me and my little sisters when we got our Book It! coupons and we’ve loved it ever since.  

I probably get Pizza Hut once a year or so and when I do, it makes me so happy! No one else really seems to like it all that much, but even I don’t think of this place when I want some pizza. It’s in a category all it’s own!!

The red box was calling our name 🙂


We got breadsticks with marinara…


…and a cheese pizza. It was delicious and totally satisfied our craving! Funnily enough, my dad called after we ate and when I told him what we had he said, “UGH you actually still eat that stuff?!?”

Um, clearly.


I’m so excited for my little sis! Here’s a picture of us back in our Book It! days…first day of school snapshot.


Congrats Rach!!!

For the past week, Ella and Mookie have been reunited. Remember this sweet/stinky face?


Well Julia came to pick her up in the dead of night (either that or I just went to bed particularly early) and Rachel and I awoke to find a bag of donuts with a cute note. Julia is currently taking a break from sweets and in her sugarless state, thought of the one thing she was craving above all else and then purchased it for us to consume instead. No complaints from me!


So before I even went to work on Wednesday, I had half a chocolate glazed. Such a good way to kick off the day. My sugar high lasted me well throughout the morning 🙂


Of course, donut day also ended up being Sprinkles cupcakes day. Wait, we have that at least once a week at my office! Seriously, the one thing I can’t resist and the only thing ad reps insist on sending us. We got a box that looked just like this one but with a little personalized note on the tops.


I had a half dark chocolate and a half red velvet. Super sweet and crave-a-licious as always! The fact that I stopped after one is pretty remarkable. Don’t worry, I was a good sister and snagged one for Rachel too.


My sweet tooth has been followed up with a bunch of good, sweaty workouts and delicious homemade dinners though! I’ve been on a major eggplant kick lately and finished off my box from Trader Joe’s.


Topped with sauce and a little cheese, I added some whole wheat shells, broccoli, and a basil tomato to round out the bowl. I love Italian a la Kate 🙂


I also used some great herbs to roast red potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans and some chicken sausage.


Roasting seriously has to be one of my favorite ways too cook.  Between the smells filling the apartment and the anticipation that builds while you are waiting for everything to finish, that first bite is just oh so good!


Today I went to the Farmer’s Market and snagged some more eggplant. Tonight the parm was 100% all me! I sliced eggplant, dragged it through egg whites and breadcrumbs, then layered it in a pan with sauce and cheese. It came out FANTASTIC and I made enough for another meal!


Okay, I’m off to watch The Office. I’m so happy that it’s practically Friday!

By the way, has anyone seen the Jennie-O Turkey commercial with Ron & Mike from TBL?!? How cute are they 🙂