Every time I take a picture of Cook’s champagne it makes me happy. Popping the bubbly means that a celebration is in order and Monday night was no exception – Rachel got a job!!!! Cheers!

I convinced her to move out to LA at the very end of August with promises of the sunshine/glass-half-full California dream.  There have been a few moments where we’ve been pretty broke and almost without a place to live, but you just figure things out when you’ve got no other choice. Hey, it’s hard, but nothing will ever change if you don’t just go out and DO it! Sure enough, it’s been a stressful time but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life can turn around in an instant. She went from having no concrete options to finding out about an opening on Wednesday, interviewing Friday, and getting the job Monday! Quick as that and she’s got a career.


Rachel will be working for a company that designs and manufactures heart valve technology. How cool is that?! I’m so thrilled for her because it’s totally up her alley and a fantastic place to start. She’s going to ROCK!!

We had plans for later but made time to clink clink.  I even grabbed a little accessory for our glasses – maraschino cherries are always the perfect touch!


Yesterday though was the REAL party. Well, the first of many I’m sure. When Rachel moved out to LA, we decided to treat ourselves to Pizza Hut when she got a job. Random pick?? Growing up, we would NEVER have been allowed to eat at Pizza Hut but thanks to Book It! we got to go once a month. Did you have this program at your elementary school too??


Basically, you got a coupon for discounts and personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut after reading a certain goal number of books each month. The fact that I was a total bookworm made this a cinch.  Anyway, my parents HATED Pizza Hut but they always brought me and my little sisters when we got our Book It! coupons and we’ve loved it ever since.  

I probably get Pizza Hut once a year or so and when I do, it makes me so happy! No one else really seems to like it all that much, but even I don’t think of this place when I want some pizza. It’s in a category all it’s own!!

The red box was calling our name 🙂


We got breadsticks with marinara…


…and a cheese pizza. It was delicious and totally satisfied our craving! Funnily enough, my dad called after we ate and when I told him what we had he said, “UGH you actually still eat that stuff?!?”

Um, clearly.


I’m so excited for my little sis! Here’s a picture of us back in our Book It! days…first day of school snapshot.


Congrats Rach!!!