The first time I tasted tempeh was at Real Food Daily, an organic vegan restaurant in LA. The food there is amazing and of course I became obsessed with tempeh immediately. When I tried to use it at home though, the delicious taste was just NOT there. All my tempeh dishes tasted so…raw? like sawdust? inedible?

When I ran into Whole Foods the other night to grab one ingredient (of course, of course), I saw Lightlife Tempehtations and had to get a box!


Without any effort, I had delicious pre-marinated tempeh! I honestly can’t say it really tasted like ginger or teriyaki but it was 110% better than the original tempeh I had cooked myself. I added a serving to lemon pepper roasted brussel sprots, radishes and eggplant for a warm, filling meal.


Okay, maybe it doesn’t look like the most appetizing meal in the world but it tasted delicious! I will definitely buy this tempeh again and can’t wait to taste the other flavors. I got two servings from one package, which in this case meant leftovers for lunch 🙂


What are your favorite pre-marinated foods??