Today was a crazy Monday! Work has been so busy but I think if I really put myself out there, I might be surprised about some of the opportunities that will come out of my current craze.  Hectic days always leave me so excited to get home and pull on sweats and make something warm and toasty to eat.  Tonight I made a gorgeous veggie dinner! I haven’t made these eggplant rollatini in at least a year but they are amazing. The recipe is courtesy of and so easy to make. Well, a little time consuming but not hard! First, slice and bake the eggplant.


Then make a nice sauce with canned crushed tomatoes and herbs.


While the eggplant and sauce were cooking, I heated up some diced red onion and winter squash…


…and mixed up a bowl of ricotta cheese and basil.


The last two combined with egg, salt & pepper make a delicious filling!


Just spoon mixture onto the skinny end of the eggplant and roll! You have to make sure to tuck the bottom under so nothing comes out, and then top with the tomato sauce.


Here’s my portion with a serving of whole wheat shells and spinach!


It was amazing – especially the ricotta mixture. Impressive even?  I love making dinners that make me look good, you know??


Now Rachel and I are watching GG…Georgina is such a devil and I love it 🙂

Then it’s off to bed EARLY! Tomorrow I’ll be rocking out another doozie.