Wow, what a week! Not only have I been busy at the office, I was thrown for a loop with jury duty on Wednesday! I know that serving on a jury is an important element of our judicial system but honestly, I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to use my one week of vacation to serve on a trial. Luckily, I was in the 1/3 of the room that didn’t get called into the pool, so I just had to take one personal day and then it was back to the work grind!

I haven’t been to the gym much (eh, at all) this week since I’ve been working late nights BUT I have been cooking all week and eating some delicious meals! My eggplant rollatini made a reappearance for lunch, topping a bed of cabbage instead of a bowl of pasta (lightened for lunch!!). I really like raw cabbage, call me crazy.


Check out the stuffing! Yum, no??


I’ve also been fooling around with acorn squash. I seriously LOVE acorn squash. It might be my favorite of all the winter squashes! Yes, I am going for a record on how many times I can use the word squash in one post 🙂

One night, my sister and I each ate a half roasted, then stuffed with a rice/veggie mix and topped with goat cheese! Goat cheese + acorn squash = heaven. So heavenly in fact that the next night I ate a whole acorn squash ONLY sprinkled in goat cheese. Don’t knock it til you try it!


Yeah, clearly I’ve been on a goat cheese kick too. After my day at the courthouse downtown, I whipped up a beautiful pizza with homemade half & half dough, topped with rosemary, spinach, mushroom, tomato, and goat cheese. I definitely see a repeat in the very near future!


Last night I got to see one of my all time favorites! Nicole is one of my best friends from college, but I don’t get to see her often since we live so far apart. Since graduating, we’ve reunited in all our “home” bases – LA on my end, and DC and Madrid (more than willing to visit her in Spain!!) for Cole. She’s in LA for a hot minute, so I grabbed her for the night. Nicole was dying to try my favorite Sushi Dan after seeing it 10 million times on the blog, so after wine and snacks, we had some amazing sush. I got the Rock N’ Roll with a side of plain spicy tuna.


With a photo shoot to follow!


cole and kate 2





Have you guys ever played 1,2,3? We used to do this ALL the time in college. The person taking the photo says 1,2,3 then names any random thing and everyone in the photo has to immediately act it out for the picture with the first thing that comes into your head. I MAY have made everyone play…last night’s choice words included “Zoolander,” “humpback whale,” and “ballet.” Ballet is the only one that I won’t get in trouble for posting 🙂


The rest were pretty atrocious!

We had three days of rainy fall and now it’s back to hot and sunny! I am peacing out to watch USC trounce whatever team they are playing. Have a great weekend!