I LOVE arugula. In fact, I think it deserves a place as one of the top salad greens. OF ALL TIME. A little arugula adds a whole lot of taste, something you can’t say about just any leafy lettuce. And while arugula is nice in salads, it’s even better on pizza!

In DC, one of my favorite pizza spots, 2 Amys, makes a delicious pizza topped in arugula. For some reason, I never tried to recreate this myself but the end result was amazing! Sunday night was relaxation with Rachel, which means lots of DVR and personal pizzas. I topped mine with a little sauce, tons of spinach, mushrooms, rosemary, goat cheese and covered the whole thing in those peppery leaves. If you’re a fan of arugula (and pizza, but of course that’s a no brainer), you will LOVE this pie!


Arugula also adds a nice little bite to sandwiches. Today at work, while the other girls were stuck with Subway, I resurrected my Perfect 10 bagels and topped one with eggplant hummus, Dr. P’s Tex Mex veggie burger, roasted eggplant and arugula. The flavor combo was awesome!


This sammie was so stuffed with filling foods that I almost couldn’t finish it. Almost.


Tomorrow is lining up to be a pretty good food day too, thanks to a breakfast meeting at Shutters, which hopefully means I can enjoy another Bull’s Eye! Cross your fingers that I will be kicking off the day with this lovely dish…


Maybe posting about it here the night before will guarantee I get to eat it 🙂

And if you haven’t already added arugula to your shopping list, get on it! A huge bag is super cheap at Trader Joe’s. I’m already thinking about what else this would complement…soup? Pasta? I smell yummy experiments in the very near future!