November 2009

Just wanted to stop by for a quick hello! I haven’t posted in a bit I know but I’ve been reading.  You’ve all been providing me with so many good stories and eats during my uber busy work days, so THANKS!

I’ve been eating squash like it’s going out of style. Butternut, acorn, kabocha…honestly, it’s odd if I DON’T eat squash 4-5 times a week. I just can’t help it! While delicious simply on its own, I love that you can stuff it with anything and it tastes fantastic. (TWSS!)

One meal actually made it onto my camera before going into my belly! This acorn squash was filled with brussels, mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese. Yeah, don’t get me started on how much goat cheese I’ve been eating either. That’s another daily staple!




I’ve also been eating tons of pumpkin! At first it wasn’t sweet enough for my taste buds, but pure pumpkin has really grown on me.  It’s especially yummy in oatmeal. Look at that gorgeous orange color!


After lots of mixing, I add a liberal pour of cinnamon, nutmeg, and CURRY. Yes, curry! It’s amazing in pumpkin oats. Y’all should give it a try if you like the savory route.  And if you don’t mind that your breakfast is totally reminiscent of Indian food 🙂


Tonight homemade pizza is on the menu, with Thursday TV. I am so far behind! Tomorrow starts the first day at work with my boss on maternity leave. Have I mentioned that she is the VP of the company and I will be taking over much of her responsibilities?!? I’m ecstatic and terrified all at the same time. I see many late nights but fabulous opportunities in my future.  Of course I made sure to live it up this weekend before things get crazy…


Julia and I paused from being total dancing queens to say HI! Happy Sunday world!


Happy Halloween! Quick post for y’all! My mom flew into town Friday night to some gorgeous Los Angeles weather. We headed straight to the water yesterday and ended up walking 12+ miles over the course of the day. Sweet!

Every year since moving to California, I’ve gone to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. West Hollywood is the gay area of LA and there are always some FABULOUS costumes. Plus, everyone LOVES taking pictures! Think thousands of people just walking around and checking everyone out. Of course I had to bring my mom and Rachel! I went as a ballerina, my mom as an angel, and Rachel as a black cat. Yes, we are all in tank tops outside.  I wasn’t kidding about the awesome weather….

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the night – enjoy!!

crazy eye edit

death angel edit 

butterfly edit

king tritan edit



rach and mom edit

ratatouille edit 

wicked witch 2



HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Can’t wait to see all your costumes!!

Now we are headed out to the beach!!  It definitely doesn’t feel like fall but it’s definitely perfect for my mom’s vacation. She’s sick of the cold and soaking up the sun 🙂