December 2009

It’s that time of the year, huh? Everyone can’t stop talking about resolutions, but I’ve been finding myself thinking backward instead of forward.  I started this blog at the end of January 2009. I never really went into much detail about it, but I had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship and wanted (no, needed) to do something that was all about ME! ME! ME!  I also needed a new and creative outlet, so blogging seemed like the perfect thing. Also, it didn’t hurt to know that I had one big thing going on that was all mine, that my ex didn’t know about, which helped to slowly pull away from the “us” and “we” and just become “me.”

When I started writing, my #1 goal was to document every single bite, lick, taste; I don’t know why I was SO adament about these details. I think it bothered me to read food blogs that seemed so perfect…and then someone would let it slip that they actually snack all day but don’t record any of those chocolate noshing sessions. I stuck with this for a long time before realizing it was turning me into a crazy person. No joke.  Plus, you would think this documentation would help keep the weight in check, right?  I actually gained a good 10ish pounds, go figure!

Since then, I’ve clearly stopped blogging often. UM, hello?? I think I might be averaging a post a month at this point. SAD! To be honest, I haven’t missed lugging around my camera or recording every bowl of ice cream.  But I do miss getting a gorgeous shot of something delicious and sharing details about my life & myself.

I mean, how COOL is it that I have the last year of my life documented?! Sure, it’s easy to remember my trip to Boston, or taking the girls to Shutters, or going to Vegas (not once but twice this year).  But I just scrolled through some of my past posts and was instantly barraged with hundreds of tiny memories that I might have forgotten otherwise, like wine & cheese night with Katie Jo before shooting the FFA music video, or my Sprinkles cupcake taste test, or bringing home massive amounts of sushi and sake to enjoy outside at the apartment with my roomie Julia.

I was truly blessed this past year, with such fabulous friends and family. I can’t believe I moved out to LA three years ago knowing none of these people, and now I have lifelong best friends. With all of this in mind, I need a new approach for blogging in the New Year. I’m still working that out (maybe the “resolution” part?!), but I do know that having this memory book is definitely worth some of my time and energy.

Okay, on a foodie note, here are my top 12 favorite food photos of the year, one for each month!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope it’s a crazy/amazing one 🙂


Reason #532 I love my job:

Not only do I get to read every magazine under the sun and oogle holiday treats like the ones in December’s Good Housekeeping…

…I also get to EAT the cookies on the cover!

Yes, the magazine reps brought over stars and snowflakes and Christmas trees and mittens to match the cover shot and recipe in-book. Could these be any more perfect?!

My job has been pretty crazy, despite the usual December slow down. Apparently no one got the memo that this is supposed to be a quiet month! Still, I’m lucky enough to have plenty of “little moments” that make me enjoy my work. Seriously, these treats had me smiling all day.

I’ve been baking (and eating!) up a storm. Unfortunately I’ve also been sans Internet thanks to my move from West Hollywood to the beach, so I’ve been absent (but reading!). I’ve missed blogging though, so hopefully I will be able to post a little more regularly. I have been DYING for a fancy pants camera but thanks to the move, am also super broke. As happy as I am to have my sweet lil digi, I have started taking mental pictures everywhere, imagining all the cool shots I could get with a bigger/better camera. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too crazy…if anyone has recommendations, I’ll take them!