Reason #532 I love my job:

Not only do I get to read every magazine under the sun and oogle holiday treats like the ones in December’s Good Housekeeping…

…I also get to EAT the cookies on the cover!

Yes, the magazine reps brought over stars and snowflakes and Christmas trees and mittens to match the cover shot and recipe in-book. Could these be any more perfect?!

My job has been pretty crazy, despite the usual December slow down. Apparently no one got the memo that this is supposed to be a quiet month! Still, I’m lucky enough to have plenty of “little moments” that make me enjoy my work. Seriously, these treats had me smiling all day.

I’ve been baking (and eating!) up a storm. Unfortunately I’ve also been sans Internet thanks to my move from West Hollywood to the beach, so I’ve been absent (but reading!). I’ve missed blogging though, so hopefully I will be able to post a little more regularly. I have been DYING for a fancy pants camera but thanks to the move, am also super broke. As happy as I am to have my sweet lil digi, I have started taking mental pictures everywhere, imagining all the cool shots I could get with a bigger/better camera. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too crazy…if anyone has recommendations, I’ll take them!