Happy New Year! Last night we decided that you have to say twenty ten…it sounds so much cooler than two thousand ten, no?? Lindsay, Rachel, Julia and I hit up Forever 21 as soon as I got out of work and bought sparkly tops and jewelry.  The place was PACKED with tons of girls doing the same thing!  Then we kicked off the night with frozen pizzas and champagne.  Of course I grabbed crowns for everyone to wear!


I made a separate trip to Michael’s to pick up black feathers to tape to mine. Give me glitz and glitter and I’m a happy girl. Clearly not embarrassed about going overboard either 🙂

 crown crop

Then we met up with some friends for drinks at their apartment before hitting a nearby bar, appropriately named Happy Ending. No, no, not that, get your minds out of the gutter!!  We danced til we literally couldn’t walk!




It was a very entertaining night – I’m leaving it at that!  The first day of twenty ten was kicked off with some AH-mazing food. Our new neighborhood has some great restaurants so we decided takeout was in order. Rachel and I pulled on sweats and grabbed brunch for us and Lindsay at the cutest spot, Jack n’ Jill’s.  I got an egg, cheese, and turkey bacon sandwich with tomatoes and avocado on rosemary bread. Plus a massive side of potatoes…it totally hit the spot!


We spent the whole entire day hanging around watching Teen Mom on MTV.  That show is strangely addicting! The most productive thing I did all day was make a little progress unpacking my room. Yeah, still boxes everywhere. I haven’t had such a lazy day in months! Our brunch held us over until around 8PM, when Rachel & I decided to get takeout again. Twice in one day…our fridge is empty and Italian was calling our names.

I’ve found my “spot” in our new neighborhood – Fritto Misto! This small Italian restaurant is in a strip mall and totally non-descript, but the food is amazing.  There’s always a wait for a table, and you can buy a bottle of wine for cheap or bring your own for a super low corkage fee…basically unheard of in LA!  I got my favorite, lemon pepper fettuccini with broccoli, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, garlic and light olive oil. With a side of Arrested Development!


Now I’m just enjoying the Law & Order SVU marathon! Tomorrow life starts back up again with car appointments, errands, and a ton of other things to do, but for now I’m just going to kick back and savor the first day of a new decade. Happy New Year!