Anyone else have a lil secret love for Sheryl Crow?

Thanks so much Susan for sending the Happy 101 game my way!  I think I need to play this game on my own more often; it’s nice to remember the little things that make us smile!


The rules are to list 10 things that make me happy then pick 10 other people to do the same!

Here it goes. I have to warn you, some of these are pretty random 🙂

  1. Sitting on the beach, watching the sunset. Preferably during the “off” season when it’s empty and chilly and you have to bundle up in a warm sweatshirt and you feel like the whole world is just you + the ocean. Gorgeousness!
  2. Reading. I always have a book on hand. In fact, I even keep one in my car in case I ever have 5 minutes of spare time that I can fill with a good book. My favorite place to read is on the couch, under blankets, with some munchies. I can’t even guess how many books I’ve read; I try to read one a week actually.
  3. Long drives with loud music. I love cruising up the coast, blasting tunes. “Bad” boy bands are always appropriate at this time.
  4. Drinks outside at sunset. For some reason, booze just tastes better in this one hour, no?
  5. The Goo Goo Dolls. It’s a little embarrassing but I LOVE GGD. I’ve heard them in concert so many times…and I’ve been known to literally hold my heart while they are singing because I feel like it’s coming out of my chest. Yeah, lame, I know. Once Johnny Rzeznik (lead singer) GRABBED MY HAND. And I got his guitar pick. Swoon!
  6. Law & Order SVU marathons. I can (and will) easily spend an entire day watching this show.
  7. Target. Come on now! Good food + cute clothes + cheap prices = my heaven. Going to Target late at night or early in the morning when it’s nearly deserted soothes my brain.
  8. Finding my clients in print. I love flipping through magazines and seeing my clients’ quotes and products and knowing that I did that. Quantifiable measurements of success are always nice…especially when they are glossy and supersized and in the pages of ELLE.
  9. Cards. I love receiving, sending, and even browsing through cards. Especially funny ones, and especially with my mom. We have the same taste and have been known to detour into a store’s card aisle and spend literally an hour passing them back and forth.
  10. Seeing a FedEx truck. Okay, before you go thinking I am literally insane, have you ever noticed that the Ex forms an arrow? I studied graphic design in college and am totally fascinated by logos. Whether you see it or not, this arrow keeps your eye “moving” — which is the whole point of the company! Genius.

Ah, that was a nice Friday work break! It can be hard to always be positive and happy and looking on the bright side BUT making a list like this one reminds me how many little details about our daily life can truly make us smile. Reassuring, no?

I would love to read ten things that make ANY of you happy! But I don’t want to cop out so here are 10 bloggers I love: