I’ve been having major sweet cravings lately so Friday night I hit the store for ingredients to make oatmeal chocolate chip cranberry cookies. I really needed a relaxing night of nothing after an insanely busy week at work, and these were the perfect snack to munch while watching Grey’s and Private Practice. I always forget how much I love both these shows until I actually sit down to watch them and am literally glued to the TV!

I took the easy way out and bought Betty Crocker Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie mix.  Simply add butter, egg (beaters!), dried cranberries and VOILA!  I think I ate a dozen of these…


I spent most of the next morning digesting and finishing up a Cecelia Ahern book.  For lunch I tapped into another recent craving – rye bread! Usually when I buy bread, I end up getting something light aka 100 calories for TWO slices and not nearly as delicious.  I use sandwich thins and light English muffins and light wheat bread often enough but sometimes I let carbs steal the show.  I toasted two slices of Oroweat Russian Rye and made my favorite tuna to put in between.  Simply tuna, very little light mayo, red onion, celery, and the secret ingredient – dill!


My mom always made tuna with celery and it’s still my favorite way to eat it!


Mookie and I bummed around for a little bit after lunch. Ah, the tough life.


Finally, I decided to get my booty in gear. After a holiday hiatus from the gym, I’ve been trying to workout after the office whenever I don’t have other plans.  But the thought of sweating on the elliptical when all I really wanted was to be outside and get my body moving wasn’t too appealing, so I went exploring instead!

After searching some trails in Malibu online, I decided on Escondito Canyon after seeing that the hiking path ended in a waterfall! I drove way past the “celebrity” part of Malibu and almost missed the park entrance. It was so quiet and rural (well, speckled with huge mansions of course) that I felt like I had travelled much further than a few miles outside LA.  After about a mile along a paved road, the trail starts…



It was so pretty! The entire path was literally caked with horses’ hoof prints, which I loved.


I had to cross over water several times. Okay, it doesn’t look like much, but the rocks were super slippery at some points! Apparently someone else had some trouble navigating because at one point a team of paramedics passed me helping a group down the trail.  Oh yeah, and about 50 hunky firemen! Hot and polite – every single one of them said hello 🙂


One major gripe – this trail was SO poorly marked. And by poorly I mean there was no signage at all!  I felt like I should be dropping food Hansel & Gretel style if I wanted to make it back to my car in one piece. I came upon several points where I literally had to guess which way to go.  Seriously, what to do when you come upon this??


I was thinking right, but then I went left. I had been listening to Jack Johnson but I turned him off so I could hear other people and sounds. Not two minutes down the path I heard sounds coming all the way from the right so I quickly turned around and took the other fork. Whew!

At one point I passed a girl talking about being on the wrong path and I almost freaked out but then I realized she was talking about the wrong career path.  Haha, right? Finally I made it to the waterfalls. Apparently the amount of water constantly changes and it was pretty dry this weekend – but still v. beautiful! I believe there is another upper falls but no trail to get there, just rocks, and I didn’t want to attempt that on my own!


Heading back, I knew just where I was going and I swear it took half the time, easily. On the walk back down the road, I got some fabulous views of the Pacific.


How much would you like to live in that house??


I can’t wait to take other people up this trail and check out some new ones! It was a perfect way to spend a mild, sunny Saturday. I love getting some green in my life 🙂