I am ALL about the LOOOONG meal.  If it only takes me five minutes to eat, guaranteed I will be “hungry” again sooner rather than later.  That’s why I usually eat lots of little things that I can space throughout the day so my snacky habits are always satisfied!

Lately I’ve been trying to bulk up my lunches and dinners with anything that is low-cal and high-fiber.  One of my favorites is a serving of whole wheat spaghetti, bulked with spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, broccoli, fresh basil, garlic, red onion, and red pepper flakes. Check out this massive plate of deliciousness!


For me, adding veggies to any meal is an easy way to turn a little serving into a BIG one!

Speaking of maximizing, I am all about bulking up my desserts too. Check out my first Sprinkles taste of 2010…half a Belgian dark chocolate cake/bittersweet chocolate icing cupcake with a Weight Watchers 1 point latte bar on the side. SO heavenly! I really wish blogs came with a scratch-and-sniff option. The frosting on this cupcake smells almost better than it tastes. I had this treat on my desk all day and the scent followed me from the office into the car on the ride to the gym, then from the gym to my apartment…so hard not to just take a big bite right then!


Smell the frosting!!! See what I mean?


Tonight I am just bumming around. When did I get so old?? Even a few months ago, Friday & Saturday nights were ALWAYS going out nights. Now I am just so darn tired and can’t even fathom staying out late on Friday after my long weeks at work. I am losing my energy I guess?! Anyway, I want to at least attempt being social again on Fridays. I can manage a happy hour at the very least, no? Oh well, I have two more days to drum up something exciting 🙂