This weekend I had quite a few OLDIES but goodies! First, YOGURT MESS made a reappearance. Simply Fage 0%, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frostbitten blueberries, and a heaping 1/4 cup granola.




After hitting up the gym & Trader Joe’s on Saturday, I brought back ROASTED BRUSSELS. Haven’t eaten these in weeks! Plus roasted eggplant, red onion, 100-cal veggie eggroll (the best) and some homemade hummus.


We also brought back HAPPY ENDING for some drinks and dancing. Okay, fine, I went here NYE but otherwise haven’t been to this bar in ages. When I lived in Hollywood a billion years ago, it was definitely on the regular rotation. I also brought back the CAMERA FRENZY and took tons of pictures. Most of which came out terribly. Here are two passable ones of some of us girls!



I also brought back HOMEMADE PIZZA for dinner…not once but twice this weekend. The dough is just so easy to prepare and you can control exactly what you put in/on it!


Thanks to my new bloggie friend Erin for tagging me with the Beautiful Blogger Award!  Instead of doing 7 things that make her happy, she did 7 random facts. I am hopping on that bandwagon because I just did a post with the whole “makes me happy” thing and I’m sure you don’t need to hear seven more!


  1. I was born on a horse farm in NJ, where my little sister and I used to stand underneath the horses and rub their bellies. I’m not much of a rider honestly but I have great love for these beauties!
  2. I hate, hate, hate butter. All butter. Growing up, toast, bagels, Italian bread, English muffins – you name it! – had to be dry or nothing. I will eat butter when it’s a required ingredient in a recipe (like, cookies) but otherwise, ICK no thank you!
  3. I owned 8 billion pair of leggings growing up. I hated wearing jeans until middle school, when I got my first pair of Blue Asphalt flares. I thought I was the sh*t. Now, I find myself oddly reverting back to my legging-wearing habits. Thank goodness LA fully embraces this trend.
  4. I take baths regularly. A proper bath includes: bath scents, bubbles, a foam pillow, tons of body product, candles, a book, a cup of tea, and sometimes a snack. Anything less doesn’t technically count as a true bath.
  5. I describe my “type” as having blonde hair and blue eyes…but all my boyfriends have had dark hair and brown eyes. Does it make any sense to anybody but me that my “type” and who I’m attracted to are opposites??
  6. My mom raised me to be a roller coaster addict. Literally, we rode those things up and down the East Coast for years until one day I developed motion sickness/sensitivity and started blacking out on the rides. Now I have to avoid coasters along with Imax theaters, car backseats, trains…it’s ridiculous!
  7. And lucky number seven. Cartoons are my favorite type of mindless TV. I often have The Simpsons on during the week for background noise, and Spongebob on weekends 🙂

I’m supposed to tag seven of you but I’m taking the easy way out and suggesting EVERYONE post seven random facts. You guys are all beautiful bloggers! Sappy but that’s okay since it’s true.