This week I had cheesecake for the first time in who knows how long. No, not that kind of cheesecake…Cheesecake Factory! I don’t think I’ve been here once since college in DC maybe? It’s easy to avoid chain restaurants in LA with so many other options, but when Katie Jo admitted she was jonesing for the restaurant’s chopped salad, I went along. 

I easily ate several pieces of the addictive brown bread and drank a decent amount from my wine glass while scanning the novel…eh, menu…at the table. I ended up ordering the same thing I always do – Thai lettuce rolls!

Best part about Cheesecake Factory’s legendary portions? Leftovers 🙂

Satay chicken strips with peanuts, bean sprouts, red cabbage


Coconut curry noodles


Marinated cucumbers and lettuce leaves


All together now!


I ate this repeat dinner with an eggroll on the side and some Kikkoman Ponzu sauce for dipping.


I got this from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program and have been using it in place of soy sauce. I love citrus, especially lime, so this product is a perfect addition to my fridge!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend! My days are pretty stacked for the next few…weeks?? Friday night I went to see When In Rome. I actually read this screenplay ages ago so I was pretty excited to see it. Now, I am the person who likes any chick flick. Even when everyone else thinks the movie is bad, I always kind of enjoy it. All sappy girly movies are okay in my book.

Except this one actually wasn’t very good. For me to say that means a lot! At least Kristen Bell was wearing the cutest clothes ever. Her outfits in this movie is what my dream PR work closet would look like if I got paid enough money to shop at nicer stores. Or if I had a wardrobe director dressing me daily…



I’m off to make some Mexican fudge for a Superbowl party.  I figure anything with lots of cheese will be a big hit 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone!