Does anyone else play the mental bargaining game? I’m definitely coming down with a cold or something, and today was a long (but cool!) day at work. I really wasn’t feeling the gym, but then I played my bargaining chip.

If I eat my pre-workout snack, I have to go to the gym. If I don’t, I can go home.

Of course, as soon as I decided this, all I could think was MUST. EAT. COCOA. ROAST. ALMONDS. I brought a 100-calorie pack to work today and it was calling my name. Logically, I wasn’t hungry since I ate a banana only an hour before, but I couldn’t help it.


For whatever reason, whenever I play this game, I feel beholden to my “promise.” I know, a promise to myself. It sounds ridiculous! Anyway, having my pre-workout snack pushed me to hit up the gym. I hopped on the detested beloved Stair Master. I’m not sure how I feel about this machine but I think I love it. Yes, it kicks my butt, but I sweat like crazy and the calories practically burn themselves.  According to the machine, there’s an 850 calorie burn for 1 hour at level 10. Insane! Of course, I only do 20 minutes at a time. The day I do an hour…

Nope, no mental bargaining chip for this one. It ain’t happening 🙂