Some days, my job can be frustrating. Stressful. Exhausting. Other days, I have to stop and pause and pinch myself, because my job can also be fabulous! One of my clients recently launched a new collection with a tie-in to Hong Kong. To celebrate, we threw a big press event at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, where we arranged for English-style afternoon tea. The tea is modeled after the same service at the Peninsula Hong Kong, which holds an infamous high tea ceremony daily as a throwback to Hong Kong’s colonial period.

Two work peeps and I were kickin’ it in The Verandah Room before everyone arrived.


By kickin’ it, I mean that I went around and snapped photos and set up place settings while everyone else put together centerpieces. The walls were covered in really pretty paneled paintings to set the tone. Oh, and of course we had a pianist for added effect. Duh. Who throws a party without a pianist, right? Cough, cough 🙂


The tea settings were really simple and sweet. The whole thing was like a grown-up version of the little porcelain tea set I had as a kid. You know, the ones that were covered in baby pink roses?



Remember how I always say that my boss loves to eat? Well even though we ordered all the tea trays for everyone, he insisted on also serving salads. California-style first, Hong Kong tea-style second! Check out that gorgeous piece of grilled salmon. I skipped the dressing as usual because why would I want to mess up these yummy flavors??


After our salads, we were served hot fruit tea and fresh strawberries & cream. I only ate part of this, because I knew what was coming…


…tiered tea trays! For some reason, my table was lacking in the seated guests department, so I had this whole thing to split with one other person. We didn’t finish it but we did make a nice dent!


The bottom plate held the baby sandwiches, which looked too cute to eat. There were four different kinds, including egg salad with watercress on marble bread, charred vegetable on wheat bread with pesto spread, smoked salmon with cucumber and preserved lemon, and chicken salad with Marcona almonds and tarragon.


I had the world’s tiniest nibble of the charred veggie one, but only because I was way too anxious to get to the desserts! Step aside for sweets, seriously.


I taste tested the tiramisu-looking one and two of those baby cream puffs topped with white chocolate. They were 8 billion times better than they look, if you can believe that.


The very top tier held my favorites of the afternoon – traditional plain and currant scones served with Devonshire Cream and lemon curd. I had half of each literally slathered with the lemon curd (which is awesome by the way!) and they were absolutely delicious. I never would have pegged myself as a scone lover but just might have to rethink that.


Of course, I was working at this event but part of my job is to sit at the table, eat, and chatter away with everyone, so I couldn’t complain! This fun afternoon was definitely a pinch myself moment 🙂

So, I’m dying to know, what cool things do you get to do for your job?