Thanks everyone for the sweet birthday wishes!!! The treats kicked off Friday at work with a delicious ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Those chocolate blobs of fudge were heavenly!


My work peeps also wrote me cute messages. AND it was casual Friday. Ah, the little things 🙂


In preparation for more ice cream cake, I grabbed some sushi to keep it light. FYI, there is something gross at Trader Joe’s. This sushi! The sake I had with it was pretty tasty though.


Katie Jo and Winston swung by for cake and singing with pink champagne and birthday presents! More on those later. I only have an empty bottle shot, but trust me, it was delicious.


We also whipped out ice cream cake part 2, this time from Carvel.   


Ice cream cake is tradition in my family. I’ve had it every year, even when I was living in France, where ice cream cake is basically impossible to find. My friend Becca tracked down a “log” of cake and ice cream in a Paris supermarché just for me – my friends know me so well! Since Rachel now lives in LA, of course the family tradition was honored without question 🙂


Wish time!


The four of us hung out, drank, gossiped, and mocked boys on Match. It was a perfect girly night!  The next day I threw together an amazing yogurt mess…I’ve become re-addicted to this stuff.


After breakfast, I wheeled out the birthday present from mom…A BEACH CRUISER!!!! I am so beyond excited for a summer riding this thing! I spent an hour the other weekend testing a few different bikes and then got to pick out my colors. Yes, I got white with pink rims. So cute. So me. 


Katie Jo, Winston and Julia got me amazing accessories for my new baby, including a white basket with a pink floral bag, pink streamers, pink dice, spoke beads, and the coolest bike bell of all time. I’ll have take another photo when it’s all PIMPED OUT!


I went for a ride down by the ocean, through Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice. I think I did about 13 miles in total? The weather was so gorgeous. I can’t wait to bike everywhere once the temperature warms up a bit! My bum and legs were so sore the rest of the weekend though. In keeping with the workout theme, Rachel got me some awesome gear from Nike, including these cute pink honeycomb runner shorts. How fabulous, right??


After biking, I headed to Urban with a birthday gift card from my dad and discovered the bottom floor is not men’s clothes as I previously thought, but half SALE clothes. I can’t believe I’ve been in the dark for so long.  I snagged a black high-waist pencil skirt and cute brown ruffle belt.  Yea!

I should have taken a nap probably after the shopping but instead I just geared up for more celebrating! Steph came over with some outfits for me to wear, as well as a book that will surely increase my dress size…



Then Julia, Rachel, Steph and I hopped down the block for a late dinner at Fritto Misto. We took advantage of the restaurant’s BYO wine and brought some bottles of red to go with all our carbs. 


I found a new crown for the night! No tiara…I’ll have to save that for next year. Check out Mr. Thumbs-up in the back 🙂


After dinner we hit The Room for dancing. The bar was literally in a Volvo dealership parking lot but the DJ was good! The bike ride knocked me out sadly because I was lagging a bit. But I still had enough energy for several photo shoots, obviously!





AH, I just love birthdays!! I am now officially 26. Can I still say mid-20s? I was chastised at work for my age lamenting, since I am essentially the youngest person on the team. Oops. I still feel young. And I still get carded 100% of the time. So let’s go with mid-20s for a wee bit longer 🙂