So I’ve been MIA again! Work has been crazy. I know, that’s my standard line, but I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off the last few days (ew, sorry for the mental picture).  Well, actually for the last few months! I’ve been taking over for my boss while she was out on maternity leave and we found out Monday that she isn’t coming back. Hence, craziness. In good news, I will most likely be getting a promotion next week as a result!

Tonight is my first night at home all week!  My DVR is practically full 🙂

Last night, I went to a taping of The New Adventures of Old Christine to see Julia!  Yes, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but also MY Julia!!! She got cast into a sweet reoccurring role and will be in at least two episodes as Heidi the Roommate. The show tapes before a live audience, so I got to see her act and she was so funny! Her faces were spot on and everyone was laughing!!! I was like a proud mama. I’ve seen a few late-night shows tape before but never a sitcom. It was LONG but I watch the show regularly and think it’s pretty hysterical so I was entertained.


I made it to the gym and powered through 40 minutes on the elliptical thanks to the latest issue of Us Weekly. Vienna and Jake are providing me with some good gossip! Unfortunately, I just ate my pasta and veggies in .2 seconds, so I’m going to have to share a meal from earlier…errr…last week.

What’s happening with me lately? Another copycat meal? Instead of Rachael Ray, I got inspired by the delicious Bulls Eye breakfast at Shutters on the Beach. To make my version, I roasted some eggplant at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.


I mixed some tomato sauce with hot red pepper flakes for a good kick!


Then I poached an egg for the top. The secret to a perfectly poached egg? A glug of vinegar added to the boiling water!


Usually the Bulls Eye is served with toast, but I was craving a baked potato and the combination sounded awesome. I kept everything separate for photography but I’m sure you can imagine – it got pretty mixed together once I dug in!


Okay, so it looks nothing like Shutters’ version, but it was pretty amazing!


Now I am gearing up for a whole hour of The Office! Wahoo! I’m so ready for the weekend! Tomorrow, my plan for Friday night is…nothing. Sweet, beautiful nothing. Let’s hope I can make it happen 🙂