I finally did it! Friday night I committed to doing NOTHING. It was hard; I was tempted with plans for drinks downtown but turned them down to do absolutely jack. I worked late (for a Friday) and motivated myself to head to the gym for 4 miles on the elliptical.  My bargaining game this time?

Go to the gym, stop by Yogurtland on the way home. Done and done!

When I got home, I made an amazing dinner: veggie burger topped with ketchup, pickles, and red onion; asparagus; homemade potato fries.


Look how crispy and yummy these turned out!


During dinner, Rachel and I popped in “The Ugly Truth.” Seriously raunchy, right? But I kind of like the movie anyway. Haha this movie poster still makes me crack up like a ten-year-old boy.


I also ate my Yogurtland…so delicious that I forgot to photograph. I was too focused on the candy toppings to remember my camera, clearly. After the movie, I crashed hard. Finally!

Of course I woke up before 7am. Damn you, internal alarm clock! Luckily I had the makings for an amazing yogurt mess on hand. This bowl included my beloved 0% Fage, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup frozen cherry berry blend, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup Kashi Heart to Heart, and 1/2 cup Total. So good!


This mix took me forever to eat, meaning I actually got to play a little blog catch up. Is it weird to be looking at other people’s breakfasts as you eat yours?


After breakfast, I cleaned. And cleaned. I tried to walk to the banks but it started raining. Boo! I need some sunshine!! Finally, I saw a break in the skies and headed out for a few errands. I love being able to walk to so many places in my neighborhood.  Santa Monica definitely has the whole residential/city vibe going on.  For lunch, I took the plunge and went to Bay Cities Deli.

EVERYONE has been telling me this place is a MUST and it’s only two blocks from my apartment. I was expecting a sub shop and instead found a gourmet/specialty store! From squid ink pasta, to hundreds of cheeses and gorgeous cuts of meat – I was in foodie heaven. SWOON! The men behind the counter were super nice and I went basic with turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and balsamic vinegar on a hard roll. Hands down, the bread was the best part. Those crispy crust bubbles remind me of NY bagels. As I was eating this sandwich, all I could think about was going back to buy a loaf of this freshly baked bread!


On the side, I had regular Lay’s Chips and my favorite “special” soda – Stewart’s Diet Root Beer. Something about the glass bottle gets me every time 🙂


Lately I’ve been having to finish off my meals with something sweet, so I had a Weight Watchers ice cream bar and promptly fell into a total food coma. After a LONG nap, I spent the rest of the day reading, catching up on TV, and watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I secretly love the X-Men movies! All of those comic book/blockbuster films actually. Around 9pm, I started to get a bit hungry so I fixed up my new favorite simple salad: broccoli slaw with soy/ponzu sauce.


I also flipped on the oven and cooked a Trader Joe’s veggie eggroll with red onion and lemon pepper brussel sprouts. These eggrolls are a must if you haven’t tried them already! I always keep my freezer stocked. They’re a great side for so many meals and a perfectly sized snack for guests.


I kept dinner light and the oven ON so I could whip up the ultimate lazy weekend movie treat – chocolate chip cookies! I ignored the raw egg in the batter and had some of this…


..and some cooked! I added walnuts to half. Is there anything better than warm cookies fresh out of the oven?!? I kept going back for one more 🙂


Today the weather was gorgeous – no rain – finally! I met Stephanie at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market, and then Rachel & I decided to take advantage of the sunny day and set out to find a new place for lunch. We ended up at Jack & Jill’s (as always!!) and just decided that we can call this our “regular” joint so we never have to feel badly about not branching out. I did get a wee bit adventurous with a new sandwich – chicken, gouda, tomato & basil panini. It was good but decadent, if you couldn’t tell from that greased-up bread. I ate a bit more than half of everything.


Cue food coma part 2! Of course, I still found room for a hot cookie when I got home. I have to break this treats cycle…

Speaking of cycle, I decided to take the new bike out for a late afternoon spin. There’s a fabulous bike path near my house that rides right along the ocean. I took it up toward Malibu and whipped out my phone for a few shots.





My bike and my beach 🙂


Now I’m contemplating dinner and my week ahead. I have some press releases to work on tonight, whoops! Better get on it. Happy Monday world!