I really wish I had some good food photos to share! I have been eating out WAY too much over the last two weeks (if that’s even possible) but my camera ended up in Katie Jo’s hands last weekend after a girls’ night (better her purse than the bar floor, right??) and I haven’t gotten it back yet.

So, sadly I can’t share my tacos from Loteria!, or my chips and salsa from Pink Taco, or my applewood bacon/gruyere burger from Father’s Office, or my sweet potato ravioli from Fritto Misto. Happily for my tastebuds (not quite as happily for my buttoning my skinny jeans) — that’s only a handful of my meals out since I last posted!

In an effort to not leave you hanging completely, I managed to track down a pretty close duplicate of my Father’s Office burger thanks to Food Dude. Mind you, I could only eat half…but I did finish all my crispy sweet potato fries.

I also got tagged by the lovely Miss Swanky aka Kristen (wish her a happy birthday!!) and my favorite Boston chick Amy for the “Creative Writer” Award — thanks ladies!

As I’m sure you all know, I am supposed to share 7 statements…6 of which are FALSE. Which one do you think is the truth?

  1. I’ve never had a cavity.
  2. I played basketball in college.
  3. I’m left-handed.
  4. I love scary movies.
  5. I’d like to bungee jump at least once in my life.
  6. I’m afraid of horses.
  7. I never visited my college in DC before confirming my acceptance.

Wow! Anyone else find this hard to do? I kept typing totally outlandish statments and then realizing that they were all legit.  Guess it must be because I’m always so truthful tehe 🙂

Tonight I’m going out on the town for dinner (yes, again) and then to Cafe Was for “Forty Deuce” Friday, which is billed as “the original burlesque show to which all others are compared.” All others, huh? Should be entertaining! Darn, I wish I had my camera.