Julia’s episode of New Adventures of Old Christine was awesome! She did SUCH a great job and we all had fun combining Cinco de Mayo (margaritas and Jell-o shots anyone??) with watching her on TV. Well, Jell-o shots for everyone but me. I was the driver, and hence, the good girl of the party.  I brought this oatmeal chocolate chip cookie cake…which I purposely made in “cake” format so I couldn’t polish off any of this dessert while baking. I MAY have snuck a bite of dough though 🙂


“New Julia” is our fun little play on the show title, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the “Old Julia.” Sorry, JLD!


It hasn’t gotten hot in LA yet, but my foods have definitely turned summery.  I’ve been eating my weight in Greek yogurt lately. Mostly in yogurt mess format, but I did bring back the hot & steamy cinnapple, mixed with 0% Fage (my favorite!).



Stirred up!


I’ve also brought back my La Tortilla Factory tortillas with lots of veggie and chicken wraps. I got some great baby heirloom tomatoes at Trader Joe’s; I’m a big fan of little grape and cherry tomatoes and these didn’t disappoint!


I even whipped up a new batch of hummus for lunches this week, with artichokes, spinach, sea salt and garlic added to the standard chickpeas.


This week I had my first corn on the cob of the season! It was no sweet Jersey ear, but I always love the start of summer corn. With chicken and rosemary potatoes:


Has anyone tried the Chipotle Garlic salsa from Trader Joe’s? It’s an awesome salad topper! 


Other warm weather returns include fizzy flavored water…


…and ridiculous numbers of yogurt messes! I ate this for breakfast AND lunch on Saturday and I had to force myself to switch it up for dinner. I would eat one of these for every meal, no joke.


I know I am a day behind (typical, as I am always running late) but I just wanted to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my blog moms out there. And especially, to my mommy. Sadly we are on opposite sides of the country so we couldn’t celebrate together but I made sure to send her a package of goodies. It might be cheesy to say that my mom is my best friend, but it’s the truth. We never went through that “love/hate” stage; instead, I’ve always thought my mom was the sun & moon & stars & universe. She is my biggest supporter and fan & I will always be hers!


Also, she’s the cutest thing in the whole world, no?!?

Now I am off to Taco Monday in Silverlake. I NEED to kick off the week on a high note…if today’s workload is any indication of what this week is going to be like 🙂